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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Aussie Curves - Celebrity Copycat

When we saw that this week's theme was celebrity copycat it seemed easy enough. Until we tried to think of a celebrity whose style we wanted to recreate. Whose fashion inspires us enough that we wanted to copy it? Sadly, neither of us could really think of a celebrity that actually inspires us all that much.

We can honestly say that over the last few years our fashion inspiration has come from bloggers. It has been a delight to see REAL women wearing REAL clothing. Beautiful, curvy, fashionable bloggers have encouraged us to develop our own confidence and style. For us they are far more inspiring than any A- Lister who has stylists to guide them on what looks good and what to wear.

However, we did think of two T.V characters whose style inspires us.

The first is Jenny Gross from Winners and Losers, played by Melissa Bergland. For starters, how refreshing is it to see such a vivacious plus size actress on our T.V screens? As for her wardrobe - unreal! Jenny's style is an awesome blend of on trend fashion mixed with rockabilly retro. We tune in to look at the latest outfit being styled on Jenny as much as to watch the storyline unfold.

It seems we are not alone. On the website for the series they feature a gallery each week showing some of the outfits worn by the characters and where they were sourced from. Clearly many people are lusting over the stylish outfits that adorn the characters each week.

So what do we need to recreate her style?

- A rockabilly swing dress
- A cute, short cardi
- Accessories and lots of them - A brooch to pin on the cardi, a scarf or headband for the hair,  A belt to cinch in the waist

Our next inspiration is Nina from Offspring played by Asher Keddie. This may seem less obvious as she is not a 'curvy' actress. However this just shows that fashion inspiration does not have to just come from other plus sized women. There is no reason why you can't mimic the style of a 'thinner' person.

We love this look because it appears so effortless yet chic. Nina has a slightly hippie style, but still very fashionable

Again, it seems lusting over the style of this character is common. So common that there are several articles from Michael Chisholm the Offspring Costume Director where he explains how he puts together Nina's look http://www.mamamia.com.au/entertainment/behind-the-scenes-with-the-offspring-stylist/.

His tips are:
-You need a good pair of jeans
-Several colourful tank tops
-A great pair of boots
-Fitted denim jacket
- Antique jewellery

So, without further ado, here are our looks:

Sister Apple ;) inspired by Jenny Gross

Shrug - Rockmans
Dress- City Chic
Shoes - Spendless Shoes
Bracelets - Diva/ Lovisa
Brooch -  Vintage
Proving that in some ways my sister and I think alike, Sister Apple rocked up to my place with this dress accessorised in red. I started to laugh, as I wore the same dress in black to a high tea a few weeks ago (Posted here ).
This dress is the navy blue version, so we decided a quick switch to hot pink would work great.
We thought this outfit ticked all the boxes for Jenny Gross.
- Cute Cardi/ Shug
- Retro style dress
- Bright colours
- Cute accessories
This is definitely a look that both of us would happily wear. It so colourful and playful. What we both love about the retro styling is that it celebrates curvaceous figures. They are designed for women with a bit of flesh. Love it!
Next up is our take on Nina!
Sister Pear inspired by Nina Proudman 

Top - Big W
Skirt - A pop up stall at the shops brand unknown
Scarf - Big W
Belt - Taken off a dress from Crossroads
Necklace/ Bangles - Dive & Lovisa
Boots - Sara Ezibuy

I went through a stage where I had a bit of a love affair with these skirts. So much so that I own about 8....
These particular skirts are meant to be able to be turned into many different styles, although I confess I have only successfully managed about 3 looks with them. That perhaps deserves a post of it's own one day. The colourful, flowy style instantly reminded me of Nina, so that's where I started.
Again I think the outfit ticks all the boxes
- Flowy skirt
- Great boots
- 'Skinny' scarf (Could be skinnier but it was the best I could find)
- Antique (looking) jewellery
I definitely would have loved a denim jacket to throw over the top, but alas I don't own one. Also, originally I had the dress ankle length, but you couldn't see the boots. I decided having the skirt at more of a 'midi' length was more 'Nina', so I pulled the second layer up a bit


What we can both say is that these challenges are already proving to be a lot of fun. It is nice to have a reason to experiment with your look. One thing that we both concluded as a result of this challenge is that accessories definately maketh the celebrity! Both of our 'celebrities' use accessories to accentuate and compliment their look.
Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of our look. Do you have a T.V character who inspires your own fashion?
Be sure to check out the other Aussie Curves ladies. I think this challenge will be quite an adventure to see what 'celebrities' are going to be copied this week. You might also want to play along yourself.


  1. Great job ladies! I love that you both chose Australian style to copy and your outfit looks fab!

  2. Love these both - I also love Nina & Jenny's style.

  3. Fabulous job ladies - both bang on with your celebrity influences, and great outfits in their own right. My DH wants me to dye my hair like Jenny's - not game to go that far though!

  4. You ladies look fabulous. LOVE THEM BOTH! Australian TV shows have certainly stepped it up in terms of costuming recently, haven't they? Lots of cool outfits and enviable styles.

    Hey to the lovely sisters. Nice to meet your faces. ;)

  5. You both look fantastic. Love the styles and great pieces!

  6. Oh WOW you both look spectacular, perfect choices for this week, mega Congrats girls xo.

  7. I Love Melissa Berglund's style as Jenny. Did you know that she is also a talented singer? And as for the Nina look. I love that you were able to carry it off as a curvy woman. Great choices. Thanks

    1. I love that you two are doing this together! i think my sister should get in on this fun with me :)

      You ladies look great and it's soooo cool that you both chose Aussies as your style inspiration!

  8. You both look awesome. I love both outfits!
    Luv Jac @ Common Chaos Chronicle xox

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