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Monday, 10 June 2013

Plus Size Maternity Wardrobe Series - #3 Where to shop

The difficult part in plus size maternity wear is finding what shops make maternity wear in plus sizes.For the basics you really can't go past your usual department stores. The prices are cheap, and they stock up to a size 20, sometimes 22.

Big W - They have some good skinny leg jeans, Plain straight stretch dresses and great cheap plain ruched tops. They go up to a size 20, but they are generous sizes. Their plus size Avella range is also worth a look, as some of their items will work well through pregnancy.

Kmart - They have some good ruched tops and maternity jeans. Their range seems smaller, and I find Kmart sizing to be very narrow. If you are a 14 - 18 you will most likely find some basic pieces here.

Target - They go up to a size 20 in the maternity range. They have fashionable maternity pants in lots of varieties, some lovely maternity tunics/dresses and have a good variety in maternity tops. Look at their online store, as they stock some extra items on there that they don't offer instore!
Again, their Moda range is also worth a look, to see if some of their plus size items will also work through a pregnancy.

Top Tip : Don't just look at maternity sections. You can often find clothing that will work well in normal stores. I found many great maternity friendly pieces in Millers and Big W in their normal range. Just look for longer length (to allow for your belly) and stretch fabric. Many maxi dresses are flowy from the bust down and these are great for maternity wear.

However, some of us do not fit in the maternity range offered by retailers. If this is the case, there is hope for you yet! Plus Maternity - is an online store that specialises in offering maternity wear for sizes 18 - 28. They are a fabulous Australian owned company that actually design and make their plus size range with the plus size woman in mind. There are lovely basic pieces that can easily help you build a maternity wardrobe that will see you through the pregnancy.

There are other online stores that are worth a look at, that also stock plus size ranges.

Old Navy - they stock up to a XXL in some of their range, fitting a 20 - 22. They are worth a look because the clothing is usually on trend, and because their seasons are opposite to ours you can often find some great bargains on sale.

Angel Maternity - They stock some larger sizes, with a plus size category, but seems to go up to about a 20 -22. There is a nice variety of clothing in a range of prices. Great if you need something nice for a special event

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