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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Denim Jacket lovin'

I have been on the hunt for a denim jacket. I haven't owned one for a few years, and kind of forgot how versatile they can be. However, as I have been blog hopping a lot of awesome plus sized fashion blogs (mostly courtesy of Aussie Curves) I started seeing some ladies rockin some awesome denim jackets.

What I love most is that the options are endless. A denim jacket can be worn with so many outfits. I tend to wear a lot of cardigans during Spring/ Summer to cover my arms. A denim jacket is a good alternative to this.

I knocked up a Polyvore inspiration board to show how  denim jacket can work so easily with different outfits:

Denim Jacket


A  denim jacket goes perfectly with the current coloured pants trend. You could add a white top and colourful necklace. You could also wear a patterned top, but use the denim jacket to break up the colour a bit.

Classic black pants and denim are also a great match. Take your work pants and make them into a casual outfit just by adding the jacket.


I can really see a denim jacket working really well with a striped skirt. You can add a plain coloured top for a bit of colour blocking, or white ant black to keep it simple. Add a chunky necklace for a bit of colour.


A denim jacket can be used to tone down a floaty dress. You can take a fancier, floaty dress and add a jacket. The jacket instantly makes the dress seem more casual. I can also see a denim jacket working really well with a maxi dress.

I purchased the crop denim jacket shown in the Polyvore inspiration board. I am thinking it will be perfect for summer. It is lightweight, and short sleeved. It has a bit of stretch as well, so it fits perfectly.

I am still on the quest to find a long sleeved denim jacket. I plan on hitting up the op shops soon to see what I can find.

Tell me, do you have a denim jacket? What is your favourite way to wear it?

- Sister Pear XX

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Aussie Curves - Stripes

Stripes have always been one of those patterns that were considered a 'No No' for a plus size woman. Especially horizontal ones!Yet, this year we are seeing them EVERYWHERE. What's more, they are proving to be a wonderful, flattering addition to a wardrobe.

Until a few weeks ago we owned only a few striped items between us. Currently we seem to be having a stripe love affair. All of a sudden we are seeing beautiful flattering pieces that feature the stripe. What we have also learnt is that they are so versatile. Black and white stripe can be teamed with a block colour. Navy blue or bright red add a nautical twist. Stripes can also be mixed with other prints; Stripes and polka dots, Stripes and floral print. You will be surprised how well they work, just experiment a little.

This is our take on stripes!

Sister Apple (Nerida)
Top - Avella Big W
Skirt - Moda Target
Necklace - Equip
This skirt was actually a bargain find, on sale for $20 at Target. The maxi skirt lengthens Nerida, making her look much taller. She kept the top plain but colourful. This is flattering for her 'apple' shape, as the stripes on the bottom half draw attention to where she is slimmer.

The necklace was part of a current promotion where you can get any 3 sale items for $10 from equip.
It just adds a bit more interest and sparkle to the look. The top is a new wardrobe staple for Nerida as she finds them so comfortable. She wore the same top in pink to the markets the other week. They are soft, have sleeves that cover the arms, and are long enough that the go past the tummy, but can also be gathered at bit.

I went for stripes on top. I have been on the hunt for a black and white stripe skirt. So far none of them have been very flattering on me. I DID find some fabric at Vinnies though, so I will share with you the end product when that gets made.

Sister Pear (Janna)

 Top - Estelle Big W
Pants - Avella Big W
Shoes - Payless
Bracelet - Millers
Necklace - Big W
Earrings - (Gifted by my MIL)
I received this top for my birthday 2 weeks ago and have already worn it about 5 times. I am finding it the PERFECT casual top. The stripes are surprisingly slimming and actually disguise my belly area.  I especially love the band of colour at the top that just breaks up the stripes a bit.

The pants are the same ones that I have in black and have worn a few times here and here. I honestly can not rave about these pants enough! They are just soooo comfy, they hold me in and don't fall down. I am very much considering buying one in every colour ( I think they are in khaki, denim and pink). Would that be a bit excessive?

Expect to see many more outfits on the blog featuring stripes this spring/summer.

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Friday, 21 September 2012

Day at the markets

Our local shopping centre has started hosting lots of different markets on the weekends. We both love markets of any kind. It is always lovely to browse the wares and see what is on offer. We oohh and ahh over some of the many talented creations that people create. Not to mention the yummy market food that is often on offer.

One weekend we had an improptu family gathering at the market. Sister Apple and I met up with our Parents, Grandmother, my Husband and my little Girl to check  out a new Organic produce and farmers market. There wasn't as many stores as we expected, but it was still a nice stroll around. We happily enjoyed a pulled pork sandwich, and each others company.

Here's what we wore. Could it get any more 'Chalk and Cheese'? (A bit like our personalities I guess!)

Sister Apple            Sister Pear
Cardigan - SES           Top - Big W
Top- Big W        Jeans - Autograph
Skirt - Autograph       Shoes - Diana Ferrari
Shoes - Ruby      Jewellry - Diva
 Sister Apple went for the in season bright colours of royal blue and hot pink. This outfit looked really great in person with the colours really 'popping'. So great in fact, that a lady at the market complimented her. It is always flattering to be told that you look nice in something. Even better when it is a complete stranger, who has taken the time to tell you that they think you look lovely!

The pink top is currently at Big W in their Avella range. Were both loving that a lot of tops these season are not cut as straight up and down as usual. This top is a little wider in the waist and hips than the bust. This means it fits across the top, but allows for our wider hips and tummies.

We both agreed that it maybe needed a chunky necklace add a bit more wow factor. The hunt will be on for some colourful chunky necklaces this season.

I wore more muted colours of army green and light pink. I love these colours together, and i think adding the pink and gold to the army green make a potentially drab colour into something a bit more special.

The top had some sheer sleeves that fall just below the elbow. It is also long, flowing down to just past my hips. I find that being a pear shape longer tops have to fit just right. If is too baggy around the waist and hips it can tend to make them look larger. This top is a perfect fit as it fits in the bodice, and just skims over my hips.

My jeans are the elastic band type that more shops are bringing out now. I honestly don't know if I can ever go back to jeans with zippers again. This type are just so much more comfortable. Plus you don;t get the added bulge and buckling that zippers sometimes give. One downside to this pair is that I had them taken up so they wouldn't be too long with flats, but then they seemed to shrink in length. Now they are too short. No problem though, I just roll them up into cropped jeans!

So tell us, do you like to go to markets? Do you have a favourite one?

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Aussie Curves - Tribal

We are now onto the 7th Aussie Curves challenge. Sadly Sister Apple and I had to sit out last week. I was heading into my third week of the 'Cold from Hell', while Sister Apple was supporting a good friend through the loss of a parent. Needless to say, neither one of us were feeling very 'sparkly'. Which is a pity as I was planning on wearing a dress I wore to a recent wedding. I had planned the outfit on Polyvore and was delighted when I made inspiration come to life.

This week's theme is tribal. To me when I think tribal I think earthy tones. Brown, black, tan, with textures such as stone, feathers, wood. I also think animal print. We did a bit of research and discovered that while tribal certainly does use the above, it can also be a bit more colourful. Many tribal cultures embrace more colourful tines such as turquoise, amber and coral.

In our looks we offer up our take on both of those variations. Whenever we set out to choose an outfit we go through our wardrobes. For us, we don't have the budget to go out and buy additional items to make a look.  It is actually really exciting to see how many different looks you can create using items you already own. We have also both been inspired by the other entries to reconsider how we wear different pieces. More than a few times we have seen a piece of clothing similar (or even the same) to something we already own, but being used in a different manner.

Sister Apple

Cardigan - Tightrope
Top - Autograph
Leggings- Target
Shoes- Target
Bracelet - Necklace wrapped around wrist. Unknown

Sister Pear

Cardigan - Target
Tunic - BeMe
Pants - Big W (also seen here)
Shoes - Expression
 Jewellry - Neclace gifted from Hawaii, Bangles from Diva/ Lovisa

Sister Apple went for the animal print look. This top is really flattering, it is flowy and not too long. It also has gold buttons on it which just seems to lift it out of the 'ordinary' into something more special.

A lot of Sister Apple's jewellery seemed to be lost due to a recent move, so initially she didn't have any jewellry to add to the look. I found an old necklace that we wrapped around her wrist. Hey presto!

For my look I found a tunic that I was given secondhand. It has sat in my wardrobe as I haven't been sure how to wear it, and I never seem to like the way it fits. However, the pattern reminded me of tribal print, and the colours were bright.

I wore my tunic with black crop jeans and some heels. I added a shell necklace and some wooden and gold bangles to accessorise it.

Truthfully I still wasn't 'feeling' this outfit. I don't think the tunic was very flattering  for me in person. It just seemed to pull across the bust, and poke out across my belly. I think that's why I look less than enthused about the outfit. That and I was still battling my cold. The tunic is now destined to be sold via ebay. I do like the look of the gladiator heels with the crop pants so I will wear that again. Really, that is the beauty of doing this challenge. Even if you decide a 'look' doesn't work for you, through experimenting you might still find something you DO love!

Make sure you check out what the other Aussie Curves bloggers are doing with 'Tribal' this week! 

Saturday, 8 September 2012

The versatility of a scarf!

Accessories really do make or break an outfit. If you look at any 'wow' outfit that a woman wears, it will often feature an accessory, or a few of them. In our post about Polyvore we noted how often an outfit was pulled together by the accessories.

Recently I have been having a love affair with scarves. Not the thick wintry type (although I do rather love those) but colourful, patterned varieties. If I see a cheap scarf with a great pattern or colour I just have to snap it up.

I noticed a woman at work would often wear a scarf with her outfit. She has a polished but casual style that I envy. I commented on how great she always looks. She pointed out that she actually has quite a limited wardrobe of clothing, but she mixes it up with a scarf. I realised she was right, the basics were often the same, but she looked like she was wearing a new outfit because of the scarf she was wearing.

My scarf wearing obsession was further justified when I was searching for my celebrity copycat in the recent Aussie Curves challenge. When I googled 'Casual Celebrity style' I found many of the outfits featured jeans, a scarf and some sunnies. Celebrities seem to understand the instant glamour that a scarf can bring an otherwise plain outfit.

This particular outfit has recieved multiple compliments everytime I wear it. It's the scarf I tell you!

Here are a few tips I have learnt:

- Scarves come in a variety of textures, shapes and sizes. Each style can be used to create a different look.

- Don't be afraid to mix prints or colours. I will often wear a striped top with a scarf with a pattern on it. I find it will work if it is either the same shade, to break up the pattern, or a contrasting shade to add some interest

- A scarf can be used to disguise a 'flaw' in an outfit - Top seems to baggy and dull? Add a scarf. Cardigan doesn't quite do up? Open it up an add a scarf.

- It adds colour and texture to a plain outfit - A pair of jeans & a plain top. On its own it's a bit boring. I add a silky scarf and it looks 'wow'!

- Want to elongate your torso? Drape the scarf around your neck but don't tie it up. Want to draw attention to your face? Wrap the scarf around your neck and knot it.

- Experiment with different ways to tie your scarf. There are so many different ways to do it, and each one can change the way your outfit goes together

Here is a great example of the many different ways scarves can be used. The website http://www.scarves.net/ has tutorials on how to create each of the featured looks.

Do you have an obsession with scarves as well? Or do you have another 'go to' accessory to liven up an outfit?

- Sister Pear

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Welcoming sunny weather!

Pants - Big W
Top- Katies
Cover up- Kmart
Shoes- Rivers

I am delighted that sunny weather is starting to emerge. I generally love winter clothing as I adore boots, scarves and cardigans. However this year I am really ready for the weather to brighten up and bring along a bit of warmth and cheer.

On this day the weather was glorious, sunny but not too warm. I was feeling like wearing something more colourful than my usual winter attire. I was going to a friend's daughter's first birthday so wanted something casual but still pretty and feminine.

For this outfit I chose my black 3/4 length jeans that I bought from Big W (current). I have worn these pants a few times already, only having bought them recently. They are great because they are a thick enough denim to hold you in, but still have good stretch. I especially love that they have a thick elastic band waist and no zipper. I find this is more comfortable and also is smoother across my tummy. Often zippers bulge out making my stomach area look bigger.

I teamed this with a navy blue ruched top. This top is from Katies. I love the way this top ruches at the front. It also has the ruching in three panels. Have the ruching in 3 panels lengthwise elongates my torso, while also hiding my bulges. I had my daughter 16 months ago and have found my tummy is much softer. So much so that pants tend to make it bulge over the waist more than before. This top disguises that. Lastly, sometimes when ruching goes straight across in width it can just make me look thicker across the middle as it sags. The panelling in this top prevents that.

I like to cover my arms where possible. Last summer I found shops started stocking these colourful, sheer cover ups. I have seen that they are coming back out this season. I really love these, as they add colour, cover my arms, but are light enough to wear on the hottest days. Plus they are just so pretty!

After adding a chunky necklace and a shell bracelet my outfit was complete.

What do you like to wear on sunny days? Are you looking forward to coming sunny days?

- Sister Pear

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Aussie Curves - Celebrity Copycat

When we saw that this week's theme was celebrity copycat it seemed easy enough. Until we tried to think of a celebrity whose style we wanted to recreate. Whose fashion inspires us enough that we wanted to copy it? Sadly, neither of us could really think of a celebrity that actually inspires us all that much.

We can honestly say that over the last few years our fashion inspiration has come from bloggers. It has been a delight to see REAL women wearing REAL clothing. Beautiful, curvy, fashionable bloggers have encouraged us to develop our own confidence and style. For us they are far more inspiring than any A- Lister who has stylists to guide them on what looks good and what to wear.

However, we did think of two T.V characters whose style inspires us.

The first is Jenny Gross from Winners and Losers, played by Melissa Bergland. For starters, how refreshing is it to see such a vivacious plus size actress on our T.V screens? As for her wardrobe - unreal! Jenny's style is an awesome blend of on trend fashion mixed with rockabilly retro. We tune in to look at the latest outfit being styled on Jenny as much as to watch the storyline unfold.

It seems we are not alone. On the website for the series they feature a gallery each week showing some of the outfits worn by the characters and where they were sourced from. Clearly many people are lusting over the stylish outfits that adorn the characters each week.

So what do we need to recreate her style?

- A rockabilly swing dress
- A cute, short cardi
- Accessories and lots of them - A brooch to pin on the cardi, a scarf or headband for the hair,  A belt to cinch in the waist

Our next inspiration is Nina from Offspring played by Asher Keddie. This may seem less obvious as she is not a 'curvy' actress. However this just shows that fashion inspiration does not have to just come from other plus sized women. There is no reason why you can't mimic the style of a 'thinner' person.

We love this look because it appears so effortless yet chic. Nina has a slightly hippie style, but still very fashionable

Again, it seems lusting over the style of this character is common. So common that there are several articles from Michael Chisholm the Offspring Costume Director where he explains how he puts together Nina's look http://www.mamamia.com.au/entertainment/behind-the-scenes-with-the-offspring-stylist/.

His tips are:
-You need a good pair of jeans
-Several colourful tank tops
-A great pair of boots
-Fitted denim jacket
- Antique jewellery

So, without further ado, here are our looks:

Sister Apple ;) inspired by Jenny Gross

Shrug - Rockmans
Dress- City Chic
Shoes - Spendless Shoes
Bracelets - Diva/ Lovisa
Brooch -  Vintage
Proving that in some ways my sister and I think alike, Sister Apple rocked up to my place with this dress accessorised in red. I started to laugh, as I wore the same dress in black to a high tea a few weeks ago (Posted here ).
This dress is the navy blue version, so we decided a quick switch to hot pink would work great.
We thought this outfit ticked all the boxes for Jenny Gross.
- Cute Cardi/ Shug
- Retro style dress
- Bright colours
- Cute accessories
This is definitely a look that both of us would happily wear. It so colourful and playful. What we both love about the retro styling is that it celebrates curvaceous figures. They are designed for women with a bit of flesh. Love it!
Next up is our take on Nina!
Sister Pear inspired by Nina Proudman 

Top - Big W
Skirt - A pop up stall at the shops brand unknown
Scarf - Big W
Belt - Taken off a dress from Crossroads
Necklace/ Bangles - Dive & Lovisa
Boots - Sara Ezibuy

I went through a stage where I had a bit of a love affair with these skirts. So much so that I own about 8....
These particular skirts are meant to be able to be turned into many different styles, although I confess I have only successfully managed about 3 looks with them. That perhaps deserves a post of it's own one day. The colourful, flowy style instantly reminded me of Nina, so that's where I started.
Again I think the outfit ticks all the boxes
- Flowy skirt
- Great boots
- 'Skinny' scarf (Could be skinnier but it was the best I could find)
- Antique (looking) jewellery
I definitely would have loved a denim jacket to throw over the top, but alas I don't own one. Also, originally I had the dress ankle length, but you couldn't see the boots. I decided having the skirt at more of a 'midi' length was more 'Nina', so I pulled the second layer up a bit


What we can both say is that these challenges are already proving to be a lot of fun. It is nice to have a reason to experiment with your look. One thing that we both concluded as a result of this challenge is that accessories definately maketh the celebrity! Both of our 'celebrities' use accessories to accentuate and compliment their look.
Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of our look. Do you have a T.V character who inspires your own fashion?
Be sure to check out the other Aussie Curves ladies. I think this challenge will be quite an adventure to see what 'celebrities' are going to be copied this week. You might also want to play along yourself.