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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Aussie Curves - Stripes

Stripes have always been one of those patterns that were considered a 'No No' for a plus size woman. Especially horizontal ones!Yet, this year we are seeing them EVERYWHERE. What's more, they are proving to be a wonderful, flattering addition to a wardrobe.

Until a few weeks ago we owned only a few striped items between us. Currently we seem to be having a stripe love affair. All of a sudden we are seeing beautiful flattering pieces that feature the stripe. What we have also learnt is that they are so versatile. Black and white stripe can be teamed with a block colour. Navy blue or bright red add a nautical twist. Stripes can also be mixed with other prints; Stripes and polka dots, Stripes and floral print. You will be surprised how well they work, just experiment a little.

This is our take on stripes!

Sister Apple (Nerida)
Top - Avella Big W
Skirt - Moda Target
Necklace - Equip
This skirt was actually a bargain find, on sale for $20 at Target. The maxi skirt lengthens Nerida, making her look much taller. She kept the top plain but colourful. This is flattering for her 'apple' shape, as the stripes on the bottom half draw attention to where she is slimmer.

The necklace was part of a current promotion where you can get any 3 sale items for $10 from equip.
It just adds a bit more interest and sparkle to the look. The top is a new wardrobe staple for Nerida as she finds them so comfortable. She wore the same top in pink to the markets the other week. They are soft, have sleeves that cover the arms, and are long enough that the go past the tummy, but can also be gathered at bit.

I went for stripes on top. I have been on the hunt for a black and white stripe skirt. So far none of them have been very flattering on me. I DID find some fabric at Vinnies though, so I will share with you the end product when that gets made.

Sister Pear (Janna)

 Top - Estelle Big W
Pants - Avella Big W
Shoes - Payless
Bracelet - Millers
Necklace - Big W
Earrings - (Gifted by my MIL)
I received this top for my birthday 2 weeks ago and have already worn it about 5 times. I am finding it the PERFECT casual top. The stripes are surprisingly slimming and actually disguise my belly area.  I especially love the band of colour at the top that just breaks up the stripes a bit.

The pants are the same ones that I have in black and have worn a few times here and here. I honestly can not rave about these pants enough! They are just soooo comfy, they hold me in and don't fall down. I am very much considering buying one in every colour ( I think they are in khaki, denim and pink). Would that be a bit excessive?

Expect to see many more outfits on the blog featuring stripes this spring/summer.

Meanwhile, make sure you check out what the other fabulous Aussie Curves ladies are wearing this week:


  1. You are both rocking the stripes this week! Totally agree that the stripes on the bottom give height, and I love the pop of green on your top! Very nice.

  2. Looking good, stripey sisters!!

    And no, when you find that holy grail - a pair of pants that fits your shape perfectly and makes you look and feel great, you should absolutely buy them in every colour available. They will be a wardrobe staple for years - and on a cost-per-wear basis probably one of the cheapest purchases you will ever make - in your case being lucky enough to find the Avella ones suit you, they're a bargain to begin with! :)

  3. Good on you Girls, you both looking excellent. I'm envious of your jeans as every pair I try sag round by non existent bum and skinny legs. I agree get every pair you can they look gorgeous ;)

  4. Great work ladies, you look great! I love a stripe maxi skirt almost as much as I love a striped tee. So you had me at hello. ;)

  5. I think you ladies have me convinced! A trip to Big W is needed! Thanks for the comments ladies!

  6. you both look sop beautiful! Its so fab to see us all rocking stripes! No no my arse!! ;)

  7. I love wearing lines with solid colour. You two girls look AWESOME! My sister and I always dress up together :)

  8. Lookin fine ladies! I nearly wore polka dots with my stripes. Was a tempting idea but then it would've been all black and white. Love adding a splash of colour, just live you've done. Hmmmmmm I'm checking out those red pants and that purple top and thinking they would look hot together. ;)

  9. i love that you two did the opposite top and bottom in stripes - genius.

  10. you ladies are rocking the stripes fabulously and in different ways!! you look super confident which is the best look of all in my books! :)

  11. you ladies look fab! i just love that there's two totally different looks. great work :-)

  12. Great looks for both of you. I say buy the pants or you'll always regret it!
    Luv Jac @Common Chaos Chronicle xox

  13. You ladies look fabulous! Love the different way you've done your stripes.

  14. Pear, your ass is ROCKING those red pants!
    Apple, purple is definitely your colour and that skirt, what a bargin.

  15. Cute. Love the stripey top AND the skirt. xxx

  16. I love the way you ladies put your posts together and I always look forward to seeing your fab outfits! This is no exception! love it!