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Saturday, 8 September 2012

The versatility of a scarf!

Accessories really do make or break an outfit. If you look at any 'wow' outfit that a woman wears, it will often feature an accessory, or a few of them. In our post about Polyvore we noted how often an outfit was pulled together by the accessories.

Recently I have been having a love affair with scarves. Not the thick wintry type (although I do rather love those) but colourful, patterned varieties. If I see a cheap scarf with a great pattern or colour I just have to snap it up.

I noticed a woman at work would often wear a scarf with her outfit. She has a polished but casual style that I envy. I commented on how great she always looks. She pointed out that she actually has quite a limited wardrobe of clothing, but she mixes it up with a scarf. I realised she was right, the basics were often the same, but she looked like she was wearing a new outfit because of the scarf she was wearing.

My scarf wearing obsession was further justified when I was searching for my celebrity copycat in the recent Aussie Curves challenge. When I googled 'Casual Celebrity style' I found many of the outfits featured jeans, a scarf and some sunnies. Celebrities seem to understand the instant glamour that a scarf can bring an otherwise plain outfit.

This particular outfit has recieved multiple compliments everytime I wear it. It's the scarf I tell you!

Here are a few tips I have learnt:

- Scarves come in a variety of textures, shapes and sizes. Each style can be used to create a different look.

- Don't be afraid to mix prints or colours. I will often wear a striped top with a scarf with a pattern on it. I find it will work if it is either the same shade, to break up the pattern, or a contrasting shade to add some interest

- A scarf can be used to disguise a 'flaw' in an outfit - Top seems to baggy and dull? Add a scarf. Cardigan doesn't quite do up? Open it up an add a scarf.

- It adds colour and texture to a plain outfit - A pair of jeans & a plain top. On its own it's a bit boring. I add a silky scarf and it looks 'wow'!

- Want to elongate your torso? Drape the scarf around your neck but don't tie it up. Want to draw attention to your face? Wrap the scarf around your neck and knot it.

- Experiment with different ways to tie your scarf. There are so many different ways to do it, and each one can change the way your outfit goes together

Here is a great example of the many different ways scarves can be used. The website http://www.scarves.net/ has tutorials on how to create each of the featured looks.

Do you have an obsession with scarves as well? Or do you have another 'go to' accessory to liven up an outfit?

- Sister Pear

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  1. I really love that outfit and the scarf just makes it :)