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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Welcoming sunny weather!

Pants - Big W
Top- Katies
Cover up- Kmart
Shoes- Rivers

I am delighted that sunny weather is starting to emerge. I generally love winter clothing as I adore boots, scarves and cardigans. However this year I am really ready for the weather to brighten up and bring along a bit of warmth and cheer.

On this day the weather was glorious, sunny but not too warm. I was feeling like wearing something more colourful than my usual winter attire. I was going to a friend's daughter's first birthday so wanted something casual but still pretty and feminine.

For this outfit I chose my black 3/4 length jeans that I bought from Big W (current). I have worn these pants a few times already, only having bought them recently. They are great because they are a thick enough denim to hold you in, but still have good stretch. I especially love that they have a thick elastic band waist and no zipper. I find this is more comfortable and also is smoother across my tummy. Often zippers bulge out making my stomach area look bigger.

I teamed this with a navy blue ruched top. This top is from Katies. I love the way this top ruches at the front. It also has the ruching in three panels. Have the ruching in 3 panels lengthwise elongates my torso, while also hiding my bulges. I had my daughter 16 months ago and have found my tummy is much softer. So much so that pants tend to make it bulge over the waist more than before. This top disguises that. Lastly, sometimes when ruching goes straight across in width it can just make me look thicker across the middle as it sags. The panelling in this top prevents that.

I like to cover my arms where possible. Last summer I found shops started stocking these colourful, sheer cover ups. I have seen that they are coming back out this season. I really love these, as they add colour, cover my arms, but are light enough to wear on the hottest days. Plus they are just so pretty!

After adding a chunky necklace and a shell bracelet my outfit was complete.

What do you like to wear on sunny days? Are you looking forward to coming sunny days?

- Sister Pear

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