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Monday, 27 August 2012

Aussie Curves - Red, Red, Red!

When we saw that this week's challenge in the 'Aussie Curves' blog hop was 'Red', we were delighted. There is no colour that we love more. In fact, you may have noticed that the colour red has already featured heavily in all of our posts so far. We both wear an outfit that heavily features the colour red at least once a week, if not more.

Red is just such a versatile colour. It goes with so many other colours: Black, Yellow, Blue, Grey. Red adds a pop of colour to any outfit. It goes with so many patterns: Polka dot, Stripes, Chevron. It is the more colourful cousin to Black and White!

This week's outfit is being modelled by Sister Apple. Sorry about the bad quality of the photos, as they were taken at night time while we were out for dinner.

Cardigan - SES
Top - City Chic
Pants- Big W
Shoes- Ruby

We are embracing the current trend for coloured jeans. As expected, we have both snapped up a pair in red. This outfit also features another on trend colour, Royal blue.

The outfit itself is quite plain, but using bright colours makes it 'pop' a bit more, making it something that stands out a bit. Seeing as the outfit was already quite colourful the jewellery was kept really simple.

Another benefit to wearing a bit of red is that it can make your make up choice super simple too. Add a bit of red lippie, and keep everything else simple. Maximum wow for minimum effort!


  1. Loving the red jeans. I wear mine all the time! Such an easy item to style up or down.

    Woot woo sister apple!

  2. Red seems to be a favourite of many. Lovin the jeans, and those shoes are too cute!

  3. oh red jeans, nice work!

    Incase you weren't aware there is now a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/aussiecurves/

  4. I have red jeans too and I just love them. They combine beautifully with the cobalt!

  5. Danimezza - Yes I noticed that yesterday. I joined (Sister Pear), but under my real name as I haven't set up a SistersCloset FB account yet!

    Thanks for the comments ladies. My sister ertainly looks fab in the red jeans! I have put some red 3/4 on layby at Big W!

  6. I want to embrace coloured jeans too! They look great. Love your cute shoes too!
    Jac @ Common Chaos Chronicle xox

  7. Oh WOW Love your red duds, looking fabulous! I'm so envious with no bum and skinny pins every pair I've tried are mega baggy round the tops of the legs! Thanks too for your lovely comments. Have a great week ;)