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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Aussie Curves - Tribal

We are now onto the 7th Aussie Curves challenge. Sadly Sister Apple and I had to sit out last week. I was heading into my third week of the 'Cold from Hell', while Sister Apple was supporting a good friend through the loss of a parent. Needless to say, neither one of us were feeling very 'sparkly'. Which is a pity as I was planning on wearing a dress I wore to a recent wedding. I had planned the outfit on Polyvore and was delighted when I made inspiration come to life.

This week's theme is tribal. To me when I think tribal I think earthy tones. Brown, black, tan, with textures such as stone, feathers, wood. I also think animal print. We did a bit of research and discovered that while tribal certainly does use the above, it can also be a bit more colourful. Many tribal cultures embrace more colourful tines such as turquoise, amber and coral.

In our looks we offer up our take on both of those variations. Whenever we set out to choose an outfit we go through our wardrobes. For us, we don't have the budget to go out and buy additional items to make a look.  It is actually really exciting to see how many different looks you can create using items you already own. We have also both been inspired by the other entries to reconsider how we wear different pieces. More than a few times we have seen a piece of clothing similar (or even the same) to something we already own, but being used in a different manner.

Sister Apple

Cardigan - Tightrope
Top - Autograph
Leggings- Target
Shoes- Target
Bracelet - Necklace wrapped around wrist. Unknown

Sister Pear

Cardigan - Target
Tunic - BeMe
Pants - Big W (also seen here)
Shoes - Expression
 Jewellry - Neclace gifted from Hawaii, Bangles from Diva/ Lovisa

Sister Apple went for the animal print look. This top is really flattering, it is flowy and not too long. It also has gold buttons on it which just seems to lift it out of the 'ordinary' into something more special.

A lot of Sister Apple's jewellery seemed to be lost due to a recent move, so initially she didn't have any jewellry to add to the look. I found an old necklace that we wrapped around her wrist. Hey presto!

For my look I found a tunic that I was given secondhand. It has sat in my wardrobe as I haven't been sure how to wear it, and I never seem to like the way it fits. However, the pattern reminded me of tribal print, and the colours were bright.

I wore my tunic with black crop jeans and some heels. I added a shell necklace and some wooden and gold bangles to accessorise it.

Truthfully I still wasn't 'feeling' this outfit. I don't think the tunic was very flattering  for me in person. It just seemed to pull across the bust, and poke out across my belly. I think that's why I look less than enthused about the outfit. That and I was still battling my cold. The tunic is now destined to be sold via ebay. I do like the look of the gladiator heels with the crop pants so I will wear that again. Really, that is the beauty of doing this challenge. Even if you decide a 'look' doesn't work for you, through experimenting you might still find something you DO love!

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  1. love both looks. so inspiring to see tribal interpreted in these different ways

  2. It's so great to have you ladies back this week. I hope things are looking up for you both. That animal print tunic is rather fabulous - this coming from a woman who doesn't usually like animal print!

  3. Lookin' good ladies! I love how you do the posts together, I really look forward to seeing what you come up with each week so I'm glad you could join in this week! xx

  4. Good to hear you are feeling better! I think you both pulled off this look perfectly! I was thinking about animal print too! X

  5. you two look like you're ready for a night on the town! :)

  6. You're both rocking the tribal look! Love your different takes on this week's challenge.

  7. loving the double tribal............loving the simple black bottoms with the tribal tops.

  8. I adore the BeMe dress. It's stunning. Great outfit ladies.

  9. Great to see how everyone is taking on tribal. Love it girls!

  10. Shopping your wardrobe is the BEST PART, I think. I love, love finding all the things I've got stashed at the back of the robe. You ladies look beautiful. I'd wear them both, in a second. Nice job.

  11. I love animal print and the BeMe tunic is also very cute. You guys look fab xx

  12. I love revamping things in my own wardrobe too. You guys look great.
    Luv Jac @ Common Chaos Chronicle

  13. hard to choose but I think I love the first top a little more than the dress....just so my thing oversized and sheer ;)