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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Plus Size Maternity Fashion Series - #1 - Work your wardrobe

I am currently expecting my second child, due mid November. Maternity fashion can be challenging, with your body expanding and your old wardrobe rarely working well with your changing body shape.

Being Plus Size and Pregnant  Even more difficult. It can be hard for a plus size lady to find nice maternity clothing that fits. Many Maternity brands only go to a 16 - 18, so if you are a size 18 + before falling pregnant it can be difficult to find maternity clothing that fits.

However it isn't impossible. Over the coming weeks I am going to share with you my own maternity wardrobe and share some tips and tricks that I am learning along the way :D

he very first thing you should do is have a good look at your wardrobe and make a list of what clothing you have that you think will be able to be worn through the pregnancy, or at least until the third trimester.

Things to look for are:

- Maxi dresses in a stretchy fabric
- Empire line dresses that are stretchy or have a full skirt

Maternity 1

- Maxi skirts that have stretch
- Pencil skirts that have stretch
- Pants that have a fold down band or elastic waist
- Jeans that are elastic, stretch or are able to have a belly belt attached
- Leggings - Especially full styles that may go up to your belly or higher.
Maternity Bottoms

- Look for tops that are flowing from under the bust
- Tops that are stretchy and long
- Tops that may have ruching on the side or under the bust
- Any tunic tops

Maternity Tops

Can we see a pattern here? Check if it has stretch!! If it is stretchy, you will get a bit of extra wear out of it. If you have some (or all?) of these items then you are well on your way to building a maternity wardrobe. You can extend the wear of some items by doing some of the following

Turn shorter dresses into a tunic/top. Sometimes your dresses appear to be shorter on you because more fabric is being taken up by your expanding belly. Sometimes you can then wear that dress as a tunic instead. Try seeing what it looks like with some leggings or skinny leg jeans.

Use a belly band. You can undo the buttons/zip on a pant or skirt, but then add a stretchy belly band on over the top. I will keep the item from falling off, while giving you room for your expanding belly.

Undo the first few buttons of a button down top and wear a singlet underneath, or open the top up completely and wear it like a jacket.

Shopping your wardrobe will definitely help you keep costs down when you are trying to put together a maternity wardrobe. After all, you only really wear it for about 6 months (given that the first 3 you can usually squeeze into your normal clothing) so you don,t want to spend a fortune on it.  However, you DO want to feel and look good. It is an exciting time, but your body goes through so many changes, feeling like you LOOK good definitely helps.

Do you have any cost saving tips for maternity fashion?


  1. Congrats on the pregnancy.
    I'm not pregnant yet, but planning on trying next year, so I will be reading these posts and taking note for later.

  2. I love all the outfits featured here. The maxi and the empire dresses look fabulous. I also love the Tunic top and the elastic waist jeans. Elastic waist jeans worked for me when i was pregnant with my first baby. You have a great fashion sense and congratulations on the pregnancy by the way.

    - NineAndAHalfMonths.com

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