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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Aussie Curves - Metallic

I have been on a pinterest style-pinning frenzy lately. Being a part of Aussie Curves had really made me start assessing my wardrobe more. I am finding that I want less items, but better quality. Yet I am still on a budget. To me spending $80 on a pair of pants is extravagant. If I am going a wedding I will look for an 'expensive' dress, yet to me this means $100 - $200. This means that I am starting to think vary carefully about what is in my wardrobe, what items I want, and what they will work with. I am looking at what I think will look good on me, but I am also looking at quality. I am trying to buy LESS items, but allowing for those items to cost a bit more if they are worth it.

In today's AC post I am wearing my skinny leg maternity jeans, a purchase that was inspired by what I saw I loved about what others were wearing. They are quite comfortable, although like all maternity jeans they do fall down a bit in the crotch as I wear them, and need to be hoisted up now and then.

I don't have any metallic fabric, as I rarely find it flattering on me. It always seems to cling to the bits I don't want it to! I had a good idea of what I wanted to wear though, based on things I have seen recently on pinterest. I wanted my skinny jeans, a baggy, loose fitting jumper and bold jewelry.

 Jeans - Maternity Target
Boots- Target
Jumper - Katies 
Long sleeve top - Big W Maternity
Headband - Unknown (very old!)
Necklace, Bangle, Earrings - Big W 
Bag - Etsy

 I decided to put a bit of effort into my makeup. I am trying to find what works for me. Especially for photos as I find my eyes always look so small and squinty! For this look I kept it simple and went for thick black lashes, metallic gold eyeshadow and red lips.

I was trying to find a gold clutch but found this Little Women bag instead and decided to go with it! I purchased it a few years ago on Etsy. It is actually an entirely impractical bag, and will fall apart at any moment, but I have a soft spot for Little Women so had to have it!

The jewelry I was also happy to find. Big W often sell off their range for $3, and there are often good basic items in fashionable colours available. I went for a matching necklace and bangle.

My jumper actually has flecks of metallic threads through it, but you cant really see in in the photos.

I would have loved to have had a pair of shoes that had a gold toe or heel, but I work with what I have, and these wedge heels have become a bit of a wardrobe staple at the moment!

Do you follow any great plus size style boards on Pinterest? I'd love it if you share them below! Perhaps you want to share your own. I'd love to have a look

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Aussie Curves - Boho

I decided to try something a little different this week for the Boho theme. There are times when my wardrobe definitely leans towards Boho. I just love exotic patterns, bright colours, chunky necklaces, earrings and multiple bangles.

I attribute part of my love for Boho to my youth. Being a plus sized teen was difficult, as when i was growing up there was very little above  size 14 - 16 for my age group. I leaned on the items I could find from Tree of Life, with it's flowing silhouettes and one size fits all.

I have a few pieces I could have chosen to wear, but i decided to do something a little eclectic, which to be is exactly in the spirit of the bohemian.

There was a time when I wore a vast array of those layered skirts that are made from Indian fabric. These skirts are often sold in little booths in shopping centers and come with a dvd that show you the many different ways you can wear them. I never had much luck with turning my skirts into a dress or any of the other designs. I wore one of these skirts during the AC Celebrity Copycat week ( I was channeling my inner Asher Keddie aka Nina Proudman)

However, i had a sudden thought that I could possibly wear the skirt like a kaftan!

 Jeans - Autograph
'Kaftan/skirt'- Unnamed brand
Shoes - Kmart
Accessorises - Unknown (Most of them are really old!)

While this look certainly isn't the most 'flattering', it is colourful and comfortable.

I played around with the skirt a bit and found I could wear it a few different ways. One way was to simply drape over my shoulders and tie the skirt string around my back. Another way was to bring forward the purple layer and crisscross it across my front, securing it with a belt. This made it look like a full kaftan. The last look I gathered the second layer to the front and let it drape a bit like a scarf, but i conched it in with a belt again to give a bit more shape.

I accessorised with bangles a big pair of dangly earrings, although I wish I had some big gold ones. I  really need to update my makeup supplies. I am a bit dissapointed with how my makeup looks here, as it looks like i'm not wearing any!!! This would be fine, except I had hoped to do a heavier make up look, but was limited by my supplies. Note to self: Get some darker lipstick!

I think this is a look i'd really like to play around with. I might try it again with one of the shorter skirts I have. Seeing as i'm pregnant I think this look plays up the bump rather nicely, and can see it looking even better once my bump gets bigger and firmer.

Tell me, what do you think? Does this look work? Should I wear it out in public? I'dd love to know other people's opinions.

Meanwhile, check out how the other ladies are channeling their inner bohemian!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Aussie Curves - Feminine

Lately I have felt anything but feminine.

My problem has been that I felt I had let a lot of my beauty care slip. My hair had grown too long, and the ends were very dry, while the roots were oily. I was not using any skin cleanser or moisturizer as I had run out, so my skin was dry and flaky. I had also run out of foundation, and tried to supplement with a cheaper brand, which was simply awful. So, all in all, I have felt pretty miserable about how I am looking.

It has made me realise how important having a beauty regime is. I think taking care of yourself, your appearance, and your mental health is what makes you feel feminine. If my hair looks healthy, and my skin is glowing, I often feel happier. This makes me feel more confident, and I am more likely to wear an outfit that makes me feel good too.

In order to get myself out of this slump I decided to take action. Firstly, found some facial scrub and moisturiser that I had tucked away and started using it. I still want to buy some new skin products, but these were a start. My skin is now looking much healthier. I have arranged to have a facial during the school holidays too.

I also went and tried some new foundation. I took home a sample of a foundation to try (this way I did not make the mistake of buying one that I did not like). I am so far very happy, so will mostly likely buy it while the sales are on.

I also booked a hair appointment. Off went the length and dry ends. I also completely changed my colour to a richer auburn, and added a fringe.

For the photos I dug out a vintage dress, added some bling and pearls, and snapped away.

I feel fantastic. I feel confident. I feel feminine.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Plus Size Maternity Wardrobe Series - #3 Where to shop

The difficult part in plus size maternity wear is finding what shops make maternity wear in plus sizes.For the basics you really can't go past your usual department stores. The prices are cheap, and they stock up to a size 20, sometimes 22.

Big W - They have some good skinny leg jeans, Plain straight stretch dresses and great cheap plain ruched tops. They go up to a size 20, but they are generous sizes. Their plus size Avella range is also worth a look, as some of their items will work well through pregnancy.

Kmart - They have some good ruched tops and maternity jeans. Their range seems smaller, and I find Kmart sizing to be very narrow. If you are a 14 - 18 you will most likely find some basic pieces here.

Target - They go up to a size 20 in the maternity range. They have fashionable maternity pants in lots of varieties, some lovely maternity tunics/dresses and have a good variety in maternity tops. Look at their online store, as they stock some extra items on there that they don't offer instore!
Again, their Moda range is also worth a look, to see if some of their plus size items will also work through a pregnancy.

Top Tip : Don't just look at maternity sections. You can often find clothing that will work well in normal stores. I found many great maternity friendly pieces in Millers and Big W in their normal range. Just look for longer length (to allow for your belly) and stretch fabric. Many maxi dresses are flowy from the bust down and these are great for maternity wear.

However, some of us do not fit in the maternity range offered by retailers. If this is the case, there is hope for you yet! Plus Maternity - is an online store that specialises in offering maternity wear for sizes 18 - 28. They are a fabulous Australian owned company that actually design and make their plus size range with the plus size woman in mind. There are lovely basic pieces that can easily help you build a maternity wardrobe that will see you through the pregnancy.

There are other online stores that are worth a look at, that also stock plus size ranges.

Old Navy - they stock up to a XXL in some of their range, fitting a 20 - 22. They are worth a look because the clothing is usually on trend, and because their seasons are opposite to ours you can often find some great bargains on sale.

Angel Maternity - They stock some larger sizes, with a plus size category, but seems to go up to about a 20 -22. There is a nice variety of clothing in a range of prices. Great if you need something nice for a special event