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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Aussie Curves - Second Hand

I really enjoy going for a dig through secondhand stores. Over the years I have found a few gems. I remember a time when I was younger my Mum was unwell and stopped working. After a bit she retrained to be able to work in an office. When it came time for her to go to work she needed office work wear, which she did not have a lot of. I remember she hunted down her clothing in op shops. She found some wonderful clothing, much of it from expensive brands that she would not have afforded otherwise. People always commented on how lovely her clothing was.

I shared some of the treasures I found op shopping  while back in this post, where I also shared some of my tips for how I hunt down items.

Another way I score second hand clothing is through other people. The best part about these is that they are free! Sometimes the clothing is my style and fits well. Sometimes it is not. Anything I won't use I pass along to others or send off to my local charity shop.

In the two outfits below one is a 'handed down' item, and the other is brought from a local charity shop. Both are really gorgeous!!!

My lace dress was given to me by my Mother In Law. I actually have only worn it once as it never seemed quite right. However for this picture I experimented with it a bit and added a thin rose gold belt. It was just what it needed. The belt seemed to give the dress a little bit extra definition.

I really love this dress, and am delighted because I know lace dresses like this are making a bog comeback, with similar dresses being made by Igigi and Kiyonna. I love that the dress has sleeves as it means I can wear it without needed to add a bolero or cropped cardigan. The sleeves actually have a longer bit of lace on the inside arms so that they dip down a bit like 'Morticia Adams'/The excess lace is also split into two so can be tied into a knot. I don;t like the look of it so I tied them up and tucked them in so they couldn't be seen. I plan on cutting them off before I wear it again.

I really love that this dress has a wide V neck which balances out my torso with my wider hips. The skirt also has wonderful pleats that allow the skirt to be a little fuller.

Dress - Vintage
Belt- Equip
Shoes - Spendless Shoes
Earrings - Diva
Ring - Lovisa

Nerida's dress was found at a charity shop. She wasn't going to try it on at first, but was encouraged to do so. Afterall, one of the rules of successful op shopping is TRY IT ON.

The dress is a fitted faux wrap dress from Basque. It looks WONDERFUL on and suits Nerida's shape perfectly. The length of the dress shows off her shapely legs without being too short. The patten is also great with the busy, large print being really slimming.

Like mine, it has longer sleeves which means it can be worn without a cardi or bolero. Nerida added a belt to her look as well, to draw attention to the narrow point in her shape. We are thinking that a thinner belt would possibly look even better and will try that next time.

To add a pop of colour she put on a wooden beaded necklace, which also happened to be purchased from a charity shop. This is the kind of dress that could be worn out for a special occasion, but that could also be worn to work. 

Dress - Basque (Secondhand)
Belt - From another dress
Shoes- Kmart
Necklace - St Vincent de Paul
Bracelet - Tiffany & Co.

You really can find beautiful, budget friendly clothing anywhere, if you look around. You do not have to have a lot of money to wear fashionable clothing. 

Tell us, what is your favourite second hand item you own?

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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Aussie Curves Round Up!

I thought it would be time to do a bit of a round up of the looks I have loved most from each week on Aussie Curves.

Warning: This may be a picture heavy monster post, so maybe load the page, then make yourself a cuppa. Be ready to indulge in some of the most fabulous outfits that Australian Plus Size fashion has to offer!

Honestly, being a part of Aussie Curves has been a privilege and delight. To be part of a community of women in Australia who are embracing plus size fashion, inspiring each other, and sharing our wonderful fashion finds has been life-changing. A prolific Australian blogger Danimezza was the brainchild of the idea, deciding to create the blog link up in order to encourage a plus size community in Australia.

Over the years the Australian Fashion Industry had been woefully lacking in beautiful plus size clothing. Given that the national average size for women in Australia is size 16, it has puzzled me why retailers were unwilling to design clothing for the majority of Australian women. However, there seems to be a shift n the last few years. Retailers are introducing plus size ranges (Target - Moda, Best & Less - Lily & Lou, Big W - Avella to name a few) and there are some brilliant specialist shops that are making leaps and bounds in Australian plus size fashion (Autograph, City Chic, Virtu, TS 14+, Belle Curve, 17 Sundays).

Aussie Curves has also generated many articles in the media, that is catching onto the plus size revolution that is happening here. It is wonderful to see that some bloggers are finally getting the attention they deserve.

So, without much further ado - here are my favourite looks from each week for the first 12 weeks! ( The next 12 weeks will follow in a fortnight).

1. Boots

Olivia from Wait until Sunset - I LOVED the purple, Suede boots. Finding wide calf boots, that are coloured as well? Be still my beating heart!

2. Nails

These nails from Fashion Hayley are just awesome. While they may not be a style I would usually choose myself, I think they suit Hayley's kawaii Japanese culture style perfectly. It served as a reminder that nails can be an accessory too!

3. Leggings

There were many different looks that I really loved from this week. I am a firm believer that leggings are NOT pants. However, my fellow AC ladies certainly showed that there are many ways a plus sized lady can make a pair of leggings look flattering an fabulous. I was introduced to the world of printed leggings. I loved how this outfit was bold, bright and showed how awesome leggings can actually look!

4. Red

I think the colour red is much loved among women. It adds that awesome pop of colour to the most boring of outfits, and can be worn by all types of women. My favourite post from this week was from the witty Cherie. Cherie shows how women of all ages can look classy, fashionable and colourful!

5. Celebrity Copycat

I just loved this week. I actually learnt that copying looks from celebrities can be really versatile. You can actually really learn a lot about what works, what doesn't, and about being bold. For me I think Falala Mele really nailed it. She looked at a celebrity whose style inspired her, and used aspects of a look to fashion her own. The result was great.

6. Sparkle

Sparkles. What is it about things that sparkle that make a woman's heart flutter? I think sparkly things for most women are like blue is to a bower bird!

I loved this look from the brilliant Melissa of Suger coat it. There is so much to love about the look. Pencil skirt. Peplum top. Sequin Blazer. All on trend items, that really shows plus size women CAN look glamorous and fashionable.

7.  Tribal

Tribal was a week hat I personally struggled with a bit. I just couldn't put together an outfit I really liked. Luckily other ladies were able to offer better inspiration, such as the aptly named Jeanie of Inspired Wish. The skirt had wonderful colours and patterns, and the necklace was perfect. It was a reminder of how wonderful more earthy tones can look. 

8. Stripes

Caitlyn from Closet Confessions looked so edgy and cool in this outfit. The biker jacket is just to die for, and paired with the floaty midi skirt softened to look. I really loved this week because all of the women proved that stripes CAN be worn by plus size women. In fact, it is highly recommended! Nothing is off limits really, you just need to find the right cut/pattern!

9. Picnic

I must say, picnic week was the week that Nerida and I are most proud of to date. We loved our outfits, and our photos turned out wonderfully. However. I also loved the look above from Lisa of Life as we know it. It was fresh and colorful. I loved the colours, the floral print, and the great necklace. I actually really love Lisa's style, as many of her looks are ones that I feel I would wear myself.

10. Blue

The colour blue! I think it is a colour that can be a little bit overlooked, although there was a recent resurgence of the magnificent royal blue colour recently. As usual there was more than one favourite look from this week. For Nerida and I, I wore my favourite cocktail dress that is an amazing royal blue, while Nerida shared a tutorial. However this look from Ashley Rose was just wonderful. Ashley always looks classy and elegant. This skirt was so refreshing and the sequined clutch was so cool.


When I think of knits I often think of cardigans and shrugs. These are generally a staple wardrobe item for the curvy lady, as they are used to cover up the arms a bit. Although I am not so sure why we find our arms so offensive? I must say, since taking part in the challenges I have actually ditched the cardi on most occasions. I am embracing my own shape and not adding n extra layer just so I don't 'offend' someone with my flabby arms. To hell with it I say!

Anyway, I loved this look  from Claire of Owls. Teapots. Shoes Oh My! because it was something different. A clingy knitted dress that look amazing.

12. Breaking the rules

This week was a revelation! Curvy women are bombarded with a long list of fashion do's and don't on top of the usual list that all women are told. This week saw many of us challenging ourselves, and societal rules at the same time!

You may not get how Omega from Fashion Adjacent is 'breaking the rules' in this picture. You really must head over to her amazing blog and see how this outfit is so different from what we usually see from the wonderful Omega. I just love her blog because she dances to her own beat, proudly.

If you are a curvy lady in Australia/ New Zealand who wants to experiment more with fashion, or just be  part of a brilliant community then head over to Aussie Curves. This is a wonderful community of women who are really breaking down barriers that society has built around plus sized women.

Best of all, revel in the wonderful variety of outfits that are presented each week and become inspired.

I know I have, and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had :)

Aussie Curves - Feathers!!

Feathers have been used as an adornment for women, and men, for centuries. After-all they come in a variety of magnificent colours, patterns and shapes. I think feathers add a bit of whimsy to an outfit.

This top was a sale item I purchased last year. It is actually a hi - lo tunic style, but I quite like it tucked into a skirt. I wear this top to work quite often. It is good because it has short sleeves, which means I don't feel I need to wear a cardigan with it. The skirt is also an old purchase, from a brand called Leesa. It is actually a shop that caters to older women. However, when I was in there with my Mother I found quite a few lovely items for myself. For me, this ust goes to show to look around. You will find lovely things in unexpected places. 

This skirt is a soft, silky stretch material. It has a gathered skirt, but also features deep pockets. It is a dream to wear. 

Top - Crossroads
Skirt - Leesa
Belt - Temt
Shoes - Spendless Shoes
Earring - unknown ( they are VERY old)

Nerida's outfit is really bright and colourful and looks a bit tribal. The rusty red feathered necklace is really beautiful and is the stand out piece in the outfit.

Nerida picked up the bright turquoise dress from Millers. It is a perfect summer staple as it is lightweight, stretch cotton type material. It came with the tab coloured belt. It is a dress that lends itself really well to lots of different colours and looks. So far every time she has worn it she has made it look completely different.

The shoes are mine, but they just happened to match the rusty red colour of the feathers perfectly. I was tempted to do a bag search on Nerida before she left my house because I wasn't convinced I was going to get them back!

Dress/belt - Millers
Cardigan - SES
Shoes - Rivers
Necklace - Diva

Lets have a look at what the other ladies have done this week. After-all, 'Birds of a feather flock together'

Linky Tools subscription expired. List not available.Linky Tools subscription expired. List not available.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Aussie Curves LBD!

I'm baaaacccckkkk!!

Oh dear, what a long hiatus that was! I have missed out on FAR too many weeks of Aussie Curves. It was not intentional. Life just seemed to get in the way. I am now understanding the true work and dedication that my favourite bloggers show when they are able to deliver weekly, sometimes more, posts.

I was determined to get back into the groove with my LBD! When I saw that wardrobe staple on the list I figured it would be easily done. Until I opened my wardrobe. Whilst I have many dresses that are majority black, I was amazed to realise I only owned one completely black dress. It is a lovely black lace dress that I wore to my daughter's baptism. It was perfect at the time. Soft. Stretchy, covering a multitude of post baby body sins. Yet, ad I looked at it I realised I wanted something more modern. More edgy.

Luckily for me I found the perfect dress in the post Christmas sales at City Chic. It is this skater dress, but all in black. The dress is really a dream to wear. The thick material makes fit wonderfully. The cut out design on the front and back makes it look very modern, while the length is just spot on, sitting right on my knee. Best of all? It was a very budget friendly $40.

Really, with a good black dress you can do anything. That's why they are universally loved by women around the world. I wore this outfit to a night out with my SIL's. I have not had a night out drinking cocktails in a long while. I wanted something that I felt classy and fabulous in. This outfit certainly made me feel sexy and modern. I picked up the stunning necklace for $8 at Diva, and the matching bracelet was $5. My shoes were also a bargain at $10 from Kmart. The divine clutch was a bargain buy from Sportsgirl dating back to  my university days. It is a beaded number that just makes me happy looking at it.

Dress: City CHic
Necklace & Bangle: Diva
Shoes: Kmart
Clutch: Sportsgirl

So, all up the whole look cost me $63! Which is nearly half the price that the dress itself usually retails for. BOOYAH!

I think you can expect to see a lot more of this dress. I have already seen a girl wearing a similar dress but with a fabulous twist to make it look casual that I am VERY keen to try.

UPDATED: This is Nerida's take on the LBD

This is a classic all black look but dressed up by a bright belt and a pretty headband. It really shows how simple it can be to make a black dress look a bit more special.

Dress - City Chic
Wedges - Kmart
Belt - Autograph
Headband- Diva

To see how versatile the LBD really is; check out these other wonderful posts by my fellow Aussie Curves ladies.