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Friday, 21 September 2012

Day at the markets

Our local shopping centre has started hosting lots of different markets on the weekends. We both love markets of any kind. It is always lovely to browse the wares and see what is on offer. We oohh and ahh over some of the many talented creations that people create. Not to mention the yummy market food that is often on offer.

One weekend we had an improptu family gathering at the market. Sister Apple and I met up with our Parents, Grandmother, my Husband and my little Girl to check  out a new Organic produce and farmers market. There wasn't as many stores as we expected, but it was still a nice stroll around. We happily enjoyed a pulled pork sandwich, and each others company.

Here's what we wore. Could it get any more 'Chalk and Cheese'? (A bit like our personalities I guess!)

Sister Apple            Sister Pear
Cardigan - SES           Top - Big W
Top- Big W        Jeans - Autograph
Skirt - Autograph       Shoes - Diana Ferrari
Shoes - Ruby      Jewellry - Diva
 Sister Apple went for the in season bright colours of royal blue and hot pink. This outfit looked really great in person with the colours really 'popping'. So great in fact, that a lady at the market complimented her. It is always flattering to be told that you look nice in something. Even better when it is a complete stranger, who has taken the time to tell you that they think you look lovely!

The pink top is currently at Big W in their Avella range. Were both loving that a lot of tops these season are not cut as straight up and down as usual. This top is a little wider in the waist and hips than the bust. This means it fits across the top, but allows for our wider hips and tummies.

We both agreed that it maybe needed a chunky necklace add a bit more wow factor. The hunt will be on for some colourful chunky necklaces this season.

I wore more muted colours of army green and light pink. I love these colours together, and i think adding the pink and gold to the army green make a potentially drab colour into something a bit more special.

The top had some sheer sleeves that fall just below the elbow. It is also long, flowing down to just past my hips. I find that being a pear shape longer tops have to fit just right. If is too baggy around the waist and hips it can tend to make them look larger. This top is a perfect fit as it fits in the bodice, and just skims over my hips.

My jeans are the elastic band type that more shops are bringing out now. I honestly don't know if I can ever go back to jeans with zippers again. This type are just so much more comfortable. Plus you don;t get the added bulge and buckling that zippers sometimes give. One downside to this pair is that I had them taken up so they wouldn't be too long with flats, but then they seemed to shrink in length. Now they are too short. No problem though, I just roll them up into cropped jeans!

So tell us, do you like to go to markets? Do you have a favourite one?

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  1. I have a pair of the slim leg easy jeans from Autograph and I can honestly say they are so the best!. I'm only now starting to spew as they no longer have slim leg style in stock :(

    I've seen alot of people complain about them on Facebook, I have no idea why!