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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Two Sisters' Closet

In recent years it seems the fashion world is finally starting to recognise that there is a huge market for 'plus size' clothing.  It seemed to take Australian retailers longer to catch on to this fact, however recently there has been an increase in clothing targeted at the 14+ market.

This is a relief to many women throughout Australia. Afterall, studies have long shown that the average woman in Australia is a size 14+. Yet for so long retailers only offered black, sack like clothing for this market. Just because a woman may be 'plus size' does not mean that she does not want to, or can not, look beautiful.

As two women that are currently in to size 18+ category we are delighted to be seeing many new options for us in fashion. We are both women that take pride in our appearance. We have spent most of our lives trying to find nice cloting that fit. While we are sisters, we actually have two different body shapes. We will refer to ourselves as Ms Apple and Mrs Pear.

Through this blog we want to share tips that we have learnt over the years that flatter our differing figures. We also wish to share beauty secrets and bargain buys along the way.

We look forward to the start of many adventures exploring the range of fashion choices that are available to the plus size women of Australia.

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