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Monday, 20 August 2012

Aussie Curves - Nails

Top- Rimmel 'I <3 lasting finish' in Majesty
Bottom- Maybelline 'Mini Colo Rama' in Bubblicious

We know that we are really late in adding our post for Aussie Curves nail week. So late that the link up is closed, however we wanted to post this on the blog anyway.

There has been an awful virus going around (so it seems) and I caught it! I have not been so sick in years. I used to get the flu shot every year as I worked in aged care. However I am currently making a career change, and am learning to become a make-up artist and beauty therapist.

This challenge came with great timing as I am currently learning how to so a manicure. I have been practising on myself with these bright colours.

Here are a few tips that I have learnt :

Don't shake the bottle, roll it in your palms.This is so that there then won't be too much polish on the brush when painting.

Apply the polish in 3 strokes. Dip the brush, wipe one side then the tip and do 3 strokes. Any more it will go gluggy.

One final tip is if you are in a rush for your nails to dry immerse them in cold water for a little while. This makes them set quicker!

I hope those tips help you next time you are applying your nail polish. Do you have any tips or shortcuts that you use when doing your own manicure?

- Sister Apple

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