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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Aussie Curves - Boots

Dress & Belt: Crossroads (a bargin I picked up for $10)
Jeggings: Kmart
Boots: Target (A few seasons ago)
Cardigan: SES

I (Sister Pear) have been nagging my Sister (Apple) for a while now about starting a fashion blog. I think we both dress well, plus size or not. I especially think Sister Apple always looks amazing.

We had both only discovered plus size fashion blogs in the last year or so. It has been a revelation. We have felt inspired by the beautiful curvy women that share how they put together their outfits. Like all fashion, we don't always like all of it. After all, we have our own style and taste. However, even having the ability to look at something and say 'hmm I don't like that' is liberating. For too long if you were plus size it wasn't about finding something you liked it was about finding what fit. Finally these is starting to be greater variety in clothing size 14+.

When  Danimezza announced that she was starting an Australian plus size link up challenge we took the plunge. This was the perfect time to start getting involved in Australian plus size blogging.

The boots in this outfit are cheapies I found a few years ago from Target. They were a bargain at $20. I loved them so much I picked up a colour of each (Brown and Black). They have a stiletto heel but not too high and are made from (synthetic) suede. The very best part about them is the way they have that overlapped slit in the side. This means they easily fit my chunky calves. For me these are the ideal dressy boot.

Despite these shoes being cheap I have had them reheeled, several times over. I am also planning on getting them resoled, to make them last longer and add comfort. I believe that if you find a great pair of shoes, it is worth paying for their upkeep, even if they were cheap to start with. Particuarly if you are like me and find it difficult to find boots that fit the calves.

Do you have a pair of cheap shoes that you just love? How do you ensure you get as much wear out of them as possible?


  1. WOW very swish, loving your style!

  2. Looks great! I love the idea of this. I'm hoping my sis will join in some of the posts. She's a small 14 but a difference shape to me. So interesting.

    And yes, sometimes it's worth having a shoe you love reheeled or resoled so you can keep on wearing them. I wear through heels like no one's business. :)

  3. Ohhh love your outfit! Thanks for playing along. I have to admit I'm having lots of fun doing it with my sister (Isle Mania), enjoy!