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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Aussie Curves - Leggings

This week the Aussie Curves challenge was 'leggings'. This seemed to be an easy task as we both practically live in leggings during winter. Although,  we both sit firmly in the 'Leggings are not pants' camp. The only exception to this rule is a tunic top that sits below the bottom.
For myself (Sister Pear) I have also become very opinionated about this since becoming a High School teacher. I am constantly horrified to see teenage girls turn up to school in leggings (grossly out of school uniform!). They are almost always super thin, cheap ones where you can see through the leggings too! I can tell you right now, they DO NOT look good. SIGH....

Anyway, rant aside, we still love leggings. Our preferred way to wear them is under a dress or skirt with boots. This is a staple look for both of us through Winter. Leggings also come in use during the warmer months as mid calf ones can also be worn beneath a shorter dress or skirt with a pair of flats.
This year patterned and coloured leggings have come out, with a greater amount of them coming in plus sizes. This has allowed us to stray from the usual black leggings.

Top - Katies
Skirt- Autograph
Leggings- Target
Red flats- Rivers
Boots- Ezi buy

Here is my 'look' with my patterned leggings. I decided to show you how they look with flats as well as with boots. I think either way looks great. It also shows how you can still make leggings work for you into spring. Having the patterned leggings really takes a quite plain outfit and adds a bit of wow factor.

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  1. I couldn't agree more about the leggings as pants thing...and what is it with the way young girls dress these days. They leave absolutely nothing to the imagination! I love your animal print leggings. I wonder if they're still at Target?

  2. Love it! In NYC people were wearing them as pants, even large women but you know the difference... they had super toned legs and perky butts so they could totally pull it off. Dumpty butts in leggings does not a pair of pants make lol

  3. You're spot on about leggings, though I confess i do wear them with a long top and boots ;) Mega loving your look ;)

  4. Oh I totally agree with the no leggings as pants rule, and was rather horrified by an offender I saw yesterday... ew, but that aside, you look fab and I love the two separate looks!

  5. Lisa W - I think they may now be in the sale section. They had a few different patterns available too!

    I am so glad I am not the only one in the 'leggings are not pants' camp. I do like them with tunics thought.

    I think the general rule is they are ok so long as the butt is covered!