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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Aussie Curves - Secondhand

I love op shopping. I love never knowing wht you might find, and there is noting like snapping up a great item for a few dollars. 

I remember my Mum buying her work clothes from a second hand store when I was a child. She had worked in childcare, but after suffering nervous breakdown and depression she retrained. She completed a tafe course where she learnt how to use a computer and programs tat made her employable in schools. This meant a new wardrobe but after having time off work she didn't have the money to spend on expensive work wear. I remember her delight at finding some great quality skirt and jacket sets in a variety of colours from some big brand names in her favourite op shop. I was embarrassed that she wore someones old clothing. 

Now I am older I understand why, and appreciate her delight in finding such gems. This dress is one of her ecent finds that she picked up for me. It is an Autograph dress and fits perfectly. It features my favourite colours to wear, coral and purple. The cut is perfect, the pattern is great, and it is a dress I know I will get a lot of wear out of when I head back to work as well as now.

Dress - Autograph
Necklance - Old
Shoes - Kmart

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  1. wow, what a lovely dress, your mum (and you) have great taste :)

  2. that dress is lovely on you! I have never been much of a thrifter but others seem to pick up some amazing finds, I really should give it another shot

    1. I find it is best to ignore size tags (unless you spot a brand you know) and just try everything on! Also, don;t just look in the section for plus sizes.

  3. Gorgeous dress Janna, how inspiring is your mum,

    1. Very inspiring. She is a brilliant woman and I hope I can be half the Mother she is :)