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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Aussie Curves - Picnic

As I was putting on a pretty dress for this week's challenge I thought about what I do on a picnic. It used to be that Hubby and I would head off for a picnic, I would have on a pretty  dress and we would take a basket of antipasto.

However, I realised that that is no longer really the case. Our picnics have changed. Here is why:

Our kids. Picnics are now much more complicated. They require more food (especially because Abbie is an Olive thief), and a whole manner of other paraphernalia. Scooters, Sunscreen, Shade, Prams, Nappy Bags.

 The clothing required has also changed. I now wear something I can move around better in. I need to be able to bend over, run after my Daughter, climb on play equipment and just generally be active.

This is more what I am likely to wear. Shorts so that I can move around (and avoid any chafing should it be a hot day), A light weight kimono that looks pretty while also protecting me from the sun. I wouldn't wear a necklace as it might become cumbersome. Instead I accessorise with earrings, so I can still look nice if I decide to put my hair up. Flat shoes that are comfortable are also a must.

Shorts - Best & Less
Top - Big W (Maternity)
Kimono Shrug - Supre
Shoes - Corelli
Earrings & Bracelet- Birthday gift 

While picnics are no longer the long, luxurious affairs they once were, they are still pretty special. We are now making memories as a family. I think that beats any pretty dress any day.

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  1. Gorgeous Janna, love that kimono , love bird of paradise prints. Enjoy making those special memories the time flies so fast ❤️

  2. What a gorgeous Kimono!
    I don't have children and I still love shorts and flat shoes for the practicality for a picnic :)

  3. I think you look very casual-chic :)

  4. You look fab- love the kimono.