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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Aussie Curves - Sequins

Top - Made by Mum!
Skirt - Target Moda
Sandals - Target
Headband- Diva
Clutch - Secondhand

I nearly did not participate this week as I really don't have a lot of sequins in my wardrobe. I am not keen on them on clothing as I generally don't want to have a lot of hand wash only items in my wardrobe, and sequins are very delicate.

However, as I was getting dressed this morning I spied my headband with sequins. I realised that you don't have to wear a whole dress made with sequins, you just need to be inspired by them in some way. I find sometimes if you like a trend, but don't want to go all out, just having a little accessory can be a great nod to a style without wearing it head to toe.I also added a glomesh handbag, which I figured added to the sequin look.

I really love the print and colours of my top. After I purchased a similar top at Supre my Mum and I looked at the simple cut and decided we could easily make it ourselves. The benefit of doing it ourselves was that it could be made a little smaller, so the top wasn't quite as baggy.

My Mum has made me 3 tops, but in different prints. They are really beautiful. I am hoping that I will get wear out of them through winter too. I can see them layered up with a long knit top underneath and a blazer or jacket on top, or just a scarf.

I wore this outfit to Yum Cha with my Sister and her partner. He had never tried Yum Cha so we decided we must introduce him to the joys of this Asian cuisine. I find it is best not to wear anything too restrictive and tight when going for a marathon Yum Cha session. What I love best about Yum Cha is that you get lots of little dishes, so you can try different tastes and textures. We usually go at 11am, having it as a brunch. My favourites are Pork Buns, Asian greens with Oyster Sauce, and Pork Sui Mai. We also love the desserts, with Hubby and I sharing Mango Pancakes and Mango pudding at the end.

I am pleased to say my Sister's Boyfriend really enjoyed the food too!

What is your favourite cuisine to eat, and what are you 'Must Try' dishes for the uninitiated?



  1. love the "Top by Mum" very gorgeous - and Yum Cha is the bomb..................love it

  2. Aw lawdy me don't get me started on how amazing yumcha is. I have 1 kg of hargao in my freezer right now that's singing a siren song to me.

    Totally digging your subtle take on sequins-- that headband is adorbs

  3. i've never tried Yum Cha - sounds like i should!! & love that Top - beautiful. Nice subtle approach to sequins :)

  4. @claire - I am rather pleased with my Mum's sewing skills.
    @ Alexandra Har Gow in the freezer!!! Yummmmmmm
    @SpijerKat you must try it! It is best to go with as many people as possible, that way you get to try a great variety of dishes.