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Monday, 24 March 2014

Aussie Curves - Wedding

In a fit of nostalgia I shared all the details for my Hydrangea and Apple Garden Wedding earlier in the year.

In this post I talked about all The Details. The Dress, The Flowers. The Cake. (Yes, capitals are required)
In this post I shared about the Ceremony and Reception. 

Go have a stickybeak Go on, you know you want to!

 I just loved every bit of my wedding, and I jump at any excuse to look at photos from the day.


I love going to weddings too. They are wonderful days, and are full of hope and promise. My Husband and I often hold hands during the vows. We always steal a look at each other, remembering our own. Between the Ceremony and Reception we often reflect on our own marriage and life together so far.

The thing is though, it is so important to remember that a wedding is about marriage. On that day a vow is made, and a marriage is started. Sometimes we can spend so much time focusing on the details, and forget what it all is really about.

I can honestly say that I am even more in love with my Husband today as I was on my wedding day. I know that sounds sappy, but it is true. My Mother always told me to marry my best friend, and that is exactly what I did.

What I have found is that sometimes love, true love, is not demonstrated by the epic romantic gestures. You don't find those 'take your breath away' moments in the bouquet of flowers (ahh.. but send them anyway), the surprise dinner or the sparkly jewelry. The moments I have known I was loved, and love in return, are in some of the less 'pretty' moments.

Love is bringing you home your favourite magazine because they saw the latest edition was out and they know how much you love it

Love is tucking the sheets around you after they get out of bed earlier than you, so that you stay warm

Love is making you cups of tea and coffee every time you ask, and sometimes even when you don't.

Love is offering to cook dinner because they can see you are tired

Love is when you partner sleeps next to you on the floor all night and holds your hair back as you heave into a bucket, then takes the bucket and empties it

Love is running errands for you after a long day at work, just so you don't have to do it.

Love is having an argument, but then still sitting down together later to work through it

Love is hard work, the requires negotiation and compromise at times

Love is the shared tears of joy after the birth of your children, knowing that together you created this whole new being.

I am blessed. I know every day of my life that I share it with a Man that loves me, flaws and all. I love to look back on my Wedding Day because I know that it marks something great. My life with my Husband is everything I had hoped it would be. Together we have made a home, are raising two children, and planning our future.

It is everything that movies say it is, and then some.


  1. <3 such an inspiring post, I'm welling up a bit. And yes, if I were you, I'd want to look at those photos again and again too, that dress is wonderful and your hair is terrific :)

    1. Thank You! My hair was brilliant! I told my hairdresser to do whatever she wanted. Something she had always wanted to try. She was so excited!! She did a basketweave braid she saw at a hair expo and a bun. Loved it!!

  2. I'm not the mushy kind, but this brought a tear to my eye. You both look so in love, and your choice of gold dress... exquisite!

    1. Thank You! It was a bit mushy haha!

  3. what a beautiful post! you look gorgeous too :)

  4. You look gorgeous! And very very happy!! xxxx :-)

    1. I was sooo happy. My face ached from smiling so much!

  5. Firstly, amazing dress - what a beautiful colour and shape! And secondly, as a fairly newly wed, you made me considerably teary!

  6. Such a beautiful post! I am so in love with the colour of your dress!