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Monday, 5 August 2013

Aussie Curves - Celebrate!

As I dressed this morning I realized that the outfit I was wearing was perfect for this weeks AC theme. Not because I was heading out to a party, I was just going shopping. I realised I had different reasons to celebrate.

Let me explain.

I have spoke quite a few times about how wonderful I have found participating in the plus size fashion blog hop. I have seen my style evolve. I try on things that I never would have looked at twice, and I am opening up to a whole heap of different brands I never would have known existed.

So, what is there to celebrate about this outfit? (Yes, I realised later i needed to clean the mirror. Damn toddlers and their grimy fingers)

Leggings - Dorothy Perkins
Boots - Target
Cardigan - Millers

Firstly, the leggings. These are 'wet look' leggings. I the past I would NEVER, EVER have looked twice at them. I would assume that my tree trunk legs would look awful in them.

 Truthfully, I definitely need to wear them with a tunic, as they look less than flattering on my bum and upper thighs. However, the fact I bought them in the first place is worth celebrating. They are a symbol of how much I am evolving. They show that I am open to trying new styles. I also tried on a few other tops while shopping today, and was delighted to see they looked great wit the leggings.

Then there's the tunic. I am a little in love with this tunic. I picked it up on the weekend at some local markets. It is handmade, designed in Australia by a business called Belle Chemise . The lady, Jean Hines, had actually only just made the design that week, and had sewed them ready for the market. It is sleeveless, with a cowl neck, and is made from a  sheer fabric.

 I am celebrating the fact that even market stalls are embracing the plus size figure. I am proud that I saw the tunic, decided to try it on, and when I saw it looked exactly as I wanted, I bought it. In the past I would have assumed it would not fit, would not look good, and also would not spend the money on myself, because it was $50.  Instead, I have learnt that you must try things on. I also knew that this was worth the money. It is an unusual item, but offers versatility. Plus the colours were amazing. The tunics are not loaded on her website yet, but if you like it I urge you to send her an email. There were a heap of different fabrics and colours ( I am wearing 'Free size - plus').

So, I am celebrating Aussie Curves. I am celebrating the Plus Size community, and I am celebrating another wonderful year where I am inspired and challenged each week :)

What have you go to celebrate this week?


  1. I love those leggings on you, absolutely fabulous!! And it's definitely worth celebrating that more options are available to us plus size ladies :)
    fab outfit!

  2. Definitely worth celebrating Janna! Good on you for embracing yourself, and trying new things.

  3. Beautiful top! And loving the colour of the cardigan too

  4. I want to hug you so bad right now xx

  5. I think you're so right. The celebration of yourself and your style is SUCH a worthy thing. Glad to hear all of this. I love, love, LOVE it. Great work lady and what an example you will be to your daughter {daughters? Haha}.

  6. Ooo love it all! We don't celebrate ourselves enough, do we? ;-)

  7. Love your celebration post! Personal growth/evolution is a beautiful thing to celebrate