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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Aussie Curves - Work

This week's theme was work. I decided to keep it 'authentic' and take pictures of what I put on just before I headed off to work. I only work 3 days a week, so I have 3 outfits to share with you.

I am a High School Teacher, and so I would describe my attire as smart casual. I don't believe that teachers need to dress in corporate attire. I don't believe the nature of our working environment is suitable for this type of dress. However, I also think that teachers should not dress too casually. We are in a position of authority, and need to dress with that in mind. Even amongst teachers there is a lot of discussion about what you should and shouldn't wear.

There are a few 'rules' that I keep in mind when dressing for work

  • Must be comfortable -  Nothing too tight or restrictive. I need to be able to write on the board and move around.
  • Wear flat shoes or low heel- My classroom and staffroom is at the top to two flights of stairs. However, all photocopying, toilets and duties are down stairs. This basically means lots of walking up and down stairs through the day. I may also have playground duty or sport depending on the day. Plus, I find the mostly concrete surfaces are not very forgiving for heels.
  • No Necklaces or Big earrings - This is mainly due to the fact I carry my keys around my neck on a lanyard. I find they just get tangled with and necklaces and earrings, and I kept finding myself pulling them off through the day, so now I don't bother.
  • Layers - I work in an area where it can get very cold during Winter, and very hot through summer. I am INCREDIBLY blessed that my classroom is air conditioned (a rarity in the public high school system). However, due to how much I move around through the day outside my classroom it is best to be layered up.
  • Modest - Necklines can't be too low, clothing not too tight and skirts too short. Not that that is my personal style anyway.

This does mean that sometimes I feel my outfits are quite bland. I do love a good scarf though. It is something I have especially picked up from the school I am working in now. Accessorizing with a good scarf really lifts the whole outfit and can add a bit of colour.

Day 1

Day 1 
Dress - Big W - Maternity
Cardigan - SES
Shoes - Rivers
Scarf - Big W

 Hi Lo Top - Crossroads
Ponte Pants - Target Moda 
Wedge Shoes - Joanne Mercer
Scarf - Stall (not a brand/shop)

Peplum Blazer - City Chic
Striped Tee - Big W
White maternity singlet - Big W
Dark Denim Jeans - Autograph
Flat Shoes - Rivers

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  1. Great tips Janna! Your work attire is perfectly appropriate for a high school teacher, and still has personality. btw-your belly bump in that striped dress looks so lovely.

    1. I do rather love how it shows off the bump :)

  2. Bookmarking this post for maternity work outfits in the future.
    I really like the striped dress on you.

  3. You look FAB!! I love that dress and despite not being pregnant myself I might have to find out if there are any in my local store. I know what you mean about the accessories, it's a bit the same at my work, they just don't like a lot of dangy costume jewellery so sometimes I add a scarf or just sigh and leave it as is.

    1. It definitely works as a non maternity dress too! I wish they made it in another colour!

  4. Aww you look gorgeous! Loving the striped dress.

  5. I especially love outfits 1 & 3, stripes look fab on you :)

  6. Great outifts you look gorgeous