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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Moodboard Monday - DIY Floral Centerpieces

DIY Floral Centrepieces

This is the first round of Moodboard Mondays hosted by the lovely Lisa at Life as we know it. The premise is that you put together a collection of images based on the week's theme. You could include anything from DIY tutorials, fashion, parties, food, craft, home decor, music...anything that inspires you and fits in with the theme of the week.

The first theme is FLORAL!

As soon as I saw this link up I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I love doing Aussie Curves, but was also looking for another link up to inspire me. This on is perfect as it allows me to be a bit creative, and will be a great way of sharing some interesting things I see online.

 I knew right away what I wanted this week's moodboard to be about - Flower Centerpieces. 

I love parties and having people over for dinner, but am sometimes a bit unsure of what to decorate the table with. I love flowers, but never seem to have a knack for arranging them. So I decided to put together a few links that will help me, and you, out.

Make Your Own Floral Centrepiece or Bouquet

1.This super simple arrangement just uses a bowl and some tape to assemble.
2. A very effective vase arrangement that you can use cheap garden blooms such as Hydrangeas and Carnations to make. 
3. A simple but elegant way to arrange roses. You could put them in a clear vase or give them as a gift.

Simple Flowers in pretty pots

4. This is a pretty arrangement using cheap flowers and a terracotta pot. This would look great in small pots down the middle of a table for a summer party.
5. Perfect for a Kitchen Tea or High Tea, place flowers in a tea pot. Make extra impact by stacking on top of a tea cup!

Make your own flowers

6. Who says you have to use real flowers? These crepe paper flowers are cheap, easy, and can be made to fit any colour theme.
7. Or you can use pretty cupcake wrappers to make look alike carnations

Think outside the vase

8. Wrap a vase, or any other glass container, with rope for a rustic, nautical look.
9. Put 5c coins or maybe some buttons on an old tin and spraypaint for a simple, effective vase. 
10. Or add a bit of wow factor by painting tins with band of glitter!

Hopefully that gives you some floral DIY inspiration! Come back next week and check out the next theme GEOMETRIC


  1. Gorgeous centerpieces Janna! Love the idea of using a teapot as a vase. I often use a jug, but now I'll try using the teapot instead...it very rarely gets used for anything!! Thanks for playing along this week. Cheers, Lis.

    1. Thanks for starting the link up! It will be lots of fun!

  2. These are all so pretty!! Love the "think outside the vase" idea!!

    1. It's good to remember that anything that won't leak can become a vase!

  3. Aw, I didn't think to use a teapot as a vase. Love these ideas :)

    1. I used teapots filled with cheap carnations for a kitchen tea. It looked so pretty!

  4. Oh I love the tins! And the teapot! So pretty :)

  5. I love the idea of look of the crepe paper flowers, I think they make such lovely centerpieces. Great decoration for a high tea party too!!

    1. Itis a good way of controlling the colour scheme. They last longer too!

  6. The flowers in the teapot - so sweet!

  7. Love this Janna. I'm having family over for afternoon tea on Saturday, so I might just have to splash out with a floral centerpiece now.