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Friday, 9 August 2013

Best & Less - Plus Size fashion

There has been much excitement in the Australian Plus Size community regarding an announcement by a local retailer that they will be offering more items that go up to a size 26. Even better, they will not hike up the price simply because it is in a 'plus' size.

Best & Less have had a plus size range for a while, Lily & Lou. It is a bit hit and miss, but it is still encouraging to see a retailer that is offering affordable items that are (mostly) in fashion.

This latest range looked really encouraging, so I decided to go check it out'

I decided to try on  the sheer/pleather tunic top that is shown above, as well as a chambray shirt and a floral tunic dresss.

First up, the black tunic top. I was not expecting to like this, as it is a cut that I usually find doesn't flatter me. However, I ws pleasantly surprised. I did go up a size to the 22, in order to allow for my expanding baby bump. The top slightly gathered on my hips, but otherwise looked quite nice. The quality is good considering the $20 price tag. I loved how they looked with my DP wet look leggings. I would say try both your normal size, and a size up, to see how it looks on you.

 Next I tried the floral tunic. The print is really beautiful, and it is made from a stretch knit, with a pleather sash. Normally the sash would go around your waist, but obviously it worked better for me above the belly at the moment. The only downside would be that I would need to remove the belt loops if I wanted to wear the sash where I have. Again, I went up a size, but mainly because I felt as I get bigger it will be less tight across my bottom. In the picture I am wearing the 20, but I bought a 22.

I was very close to buying this chambray short. It is on trend, and well cut. The 22 was a little tight in the arms, while the 24 was to big in the bust and back. I hesitated because of the arms, but I suspect they will loosen up with wear. I posted this picture on the AC facebook page and have had so many compliments I suspect I will go back and buy it next pay. Again, it was a steal at $20 and is very on trend.

My one criticism would be a lack of colour. They still offer a greater range of coloured items in the 8 - 16 range. This is frustrating, because there are items that I want, and they only offer it in black in my size, yet offer the same item in a variety of colours in the smaller sized range. I really wish retailers would offer items in a better variety of colours, yet I suspect that perhaps not all of the plus size community is embracing colour as much as the Aussie Curves ladies.

Head out to Best & Less and have a look. Let's support the retailers that are catering more to the plus size community.


  1. I love the floral print dress! Thanks heaps for linking up with http://homesweetkitchengarden.blogspot.com.au/

    Nat :D

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