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Monday, 29 July 2013

Aussie Curves - Home Made

When I first saw the Aussie Curves list I had a few items I could have easily worn for the 'Homemade' category. I can;t take the credit though, all wonderful home made items are courtesy of my Mother and her sewing skills.

Then I went and fell pregnant, rendering the home made items I had unwearable for the moment!

Luckily, my Mum and her sewing skills came to the rescue again. You see, I had made a goal at the start of my pregnancy to limit maternity only items. I am conscious that this will most likely be my last pregnancy, so I wanted to use what I had as much as possible. One dilemma I faced was finding jeans. I had made a plus size maternity series where I shared a few sources where you could find maternity jeans. Yet, I did not want to buy new ones myself. This is where my Mother comes in!

I have a few pairs of Autograph Jeans. They are quite good jeans, with an elasticated waistband. My problem with them was that they did have a tendency to fall down a bit, because of my rather round bottom. I decided that these would make the perfect maternity jeans, with a bit of hacking.

As stated, I am not a sewer, so I cant really give you a step by step instruction. However there are plenty of great tutorials online that can show you what to do. What we did was put on the pair of jeans, and using a piece of chalk we marked out a semi circle shape around the bottom of my belly. I didn't need to take off much of the waist, other than removing the elastic, because I already knew they sat just on my hips. We cut off the elastic waist and cut out the semi circle shape.

You can see in photo above how we pretty much angled downwards from the waist and cut away the shape. We used some stretch T-shirt material and made a band that could then be sewn onto the pants. My Mum also added in elastic at the top of the belly that could be adjusted. This way I could tighten the elastic, stopping the band from falling down.

Just like that, I had the perfect maternity jeans, that cost me nothing because we had the supplies on hand! Hoorah!

I have one more pair that I am thinking of getting Mummy dearest to hack to get me through the final months of the pregnancy in Spring. I have no problem wearing them post maternity too. If I had it my way most of my jeans would be converted to zipper free and elastic waisted!

Blazer - Crossroads
Maternity T Shirt - Big W
Jeans - 'HomeMade' Autograph Hack!
SHoes - Hype

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  1. Awesome! what a clever mummy you have!

  2. I'm with you! If only all jeans could be like this!