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Monday, 1 October 2012

Aussie Curves - Picnic!

PICNIC! One of our favourite things to do is go on a picnic. We (The sisters)  love everything about them. The fresh air, the relaxation, the yummy food.

It is funny how things change though. In the past if I thought about what I would wear to a picnic it would almost always involve a pretty dress or skirt. Picnics were for going out with Hubby, eating antipasto, and cuddles. However, now I am a Mum my first thought for picnic is 'will I be able to run after my daughter in it?'. Invariably this often meas picnics involve cropped pants or jeans.

I think most of my pictures lately have featured me in a pair of pants, so this week I thought I would go back to my 'former life' and pick out something feminine. As usual my Sister and I must be on the same wavelength as she turned up in a lovely new dress.

Sister Pear (Janna)
Jacket - Crossroads
Top - Kmart
Skirt - Old Navy (Last season)
Shoes - Diana Ferrari
Necklace and Ring - Lovisa

I really wanted to wear something soft and feminine. However it must be comfortable and easy to chase after my daughter in. That's when I remembered this skirt. It was brought back from Hawaii by Nerida last year as a gift . It is perfect as it is midi skirt (Mid calf length) so it is long enough to be able to bend over and pick up my Daughter and move around it without having to worry about any flashing! It is a really lightweight fabric making it perfect for the hot weather. I also love that it is the type of fabric that doesn;t crush too much but if it does it looks like it is meant to be. This skirt is perfect for my shape as the elastic band can sit at the smallest part of my waist, making my look smaller in the middle. The floral pattern is a large print, so whilst it is colourful and busy on my bottom half (usually a no no for a pear!) it works because the print is large. 

My lacket is the crossroads one that I create a mood board for in this post. I love love love the way the jacket adds a bit of a casual twist to the outfit, and also covers ly arms a bit. I can see this jacket having a very heavy rotation in my closet this spring/summer. 

The necklace and ring I am also a little in love with. I purchased these with a gift card I was given for my birthday. I have been wanting a nice rose gold coloured necklace for a while. I actually love rose gold so much that the engagement ring and wedding band are rose gold. I used to tell my Husband (Then boyfriend) that I was not overly fussy about quality or size of the diamond when he proposed but that it MUST be rose gold. No pressure or anything. You better believe I held the engagement ring up to the light when he proposed just so I could be sure. Ha Ha!

Sister Apple (Nerida)

Dress - Avella Big W
Shoes - Big W
Sunnies - Salvos
Necklace and Ring - Borrowed  from Sister Pear! Ring Equip, Necklace unknown.

This dress looks great in the photos, but it actually looked even better in person. Nerida was very excited about this dress, she has even lay-byd the same dress in green and blue from Big W. She chose this dress as it is a really comfortable jersey strech fabric. It is really lightweight, but still think enough to not be too clingy in the heat. 

The cut of this dress is perfect for Nerida's shape. She had a similar one from Old Navy (also purchased n Hawaii!). This works because it is fairly straight in the body, but then has the tie waist to give it a bit of shape. The dress has short sleeves so it covers the arms a bit without needing a cardi or jacket over the top. The orange band adds a pop of colour to the outfit while also drawing your eyes downwards to the legs. 

The sunnies were a great $2 find at the local Salvos. We went on a bit of a thrift store hunt, which we will share our spoils with you soon. 

The necklace and ring add a bit more colour to the dress. The necklace had some dark orange beads so they actually seemed to match the dress, while the turquoise added a pop of another colour. The ring just tied in with the necklace. These were borrowed from me. Possibly one of the perks to having a sister is that you get to raid their accessories! 

You may notice that our picnic took place in my backyard. We actually took advantage of the nice weather and gathered together the family and had an mpromptu lunch. Who says you have to go out for  picnic? Grab a rug, some goodies and your picnic basket and enjoy a picnic in the backyard! 

Plus, if you have wifi you can grab your laptop/ipad and check out what the other ladies are wearing in the picnic challenge. Go ahead you know you wanna!


  1. Looking lovely, Ladies! :)

    PS If you turned off verification from your comment setting that would make me, and many other people very happy...

  2. I am loving the borrowed necklace that Nerida is wearing. I have the same one on for this challenge. Great minds and all that jazz! Seems Nerida and I do have similar style. Probably because we're both apples. Janna your skirt and jacket are very cute. Well done ladies.

  3. @ Omega I didn't even know I had it on! Off to turn that off now! How annoying!

    1. Looks like it is all good now, well done! I had mine on too until recently, and like you, didn't know until someone said something! :)

  4. Pear - Give me that skirt NOW I want it so badly, it looks brilliant on you!
    Apple - Bold colour suits you, rock it!

  5. @ Jeanie. Goodness what a small (fashion) world!!!!! Thankyou :)

  6. SISTERS rock it again ;) and HELL YES!!! to amazing opshop finds....SHOWWWW US ALREADY! Tell me more about Hawaii (any pics) because I really want to go soon!

    1. I know! I need to gather my recent finds and write them up. On the to do list for this week! :D

  7. Love this! You ladies are looking fab! Love the bright colours. :-)

  8. I love Janna's girly skirt and Nerida - thanks for the tip: I never knew Big W had such nice frocks! Will have to go check them out!

  9. You skirt is divine, Janna and I like that you've paired it with the denim jacket. I have that same dress from Big W Nerida, hope it looks as good on me as it does on you.
    you both look great xx

  10. You two are gorgeous, total glammers, both your outifits ooze stunning style ;~) WOW and double WOW to you BOTH ♥♥.

  11. Two fab outfits again ladies! Knocked it out of the park. Loving the skirt and the dress in particular. Great photos ladies.

  12. Oh I like both your outfits. I have the Green and Blue Big W dress and it's my favourite. So comfy. I hadn't seen it in black so I will have to go have another look!

  13. I want both outfits. Seriously lovely.

  14. Pear your cropped jacket and skirt are so great! Love!
    Apple that dress looks so super comfy!