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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Aussie Curves - Break the rules!

When I thought of this week's theme I was at first thinking of playing it safe. I was going to break fashion rules such as mixing dots and stripes, or florals  with florals etc. However I started to realise that I have many fashion rules of my own. Restrictions that I place on myself because I am a 'fat girl'.

Generally I follow 'rules' for my shape. After all  that is why my Sister and I chose to refer to ourselves as sister Apple and Sister Pear. There are 'rules' you can follow to flatter your shape. Play up the positives and disguise the negatives. I know within the plus size fashion world there is a movement to 'throw away' these rules. Wear what makes your heart sing. I love this idea. I think it is great to see plus size women who are embracing themselves and having some self love and confidence. However, I am still happy to also wear what makes me feel good, and much of what makes me feel good does tend to follow the fashion do's and don'ts for my pear shape.

This is the 12th week of Aussie Curves. It has been wonderful to be part of a community of plus sized women who are celebrating their curves and sharing their own fashion. So, this week I decided to be bold and break some of these rules I follow. I even challenged myself to go out while wearing my outfit.

Two rules I am quite stringent about are :

  • Never wear a hemline above my knees 
  • Never year a sleeveless top unless wearing a cardigan

Top: Cable & Gauge
Skirt: Autograph (last season)
Belt: ASOS Curve
Shoes: Rivers
Earrings & Bangles : Mix of Diva & Equip

I dug out a denim skirt that I do wear. I honestly don't remember it being as short when I bought it, however it seems to be shorter than what i usually wear. I wore it a lot through Winter with leggings. I often pull the 
skirt down so it sits just on my knees and keep it there with a belt tied firmly in place. This time I let it sit around my waist and let that hemline sit above my knees.

Finding a top was a greater challenge. I didn't want to wear a top with spaghetti straps, yet i really don;t seem to own tops that don;t at least have a capped sleeve or are spaghetti straps. I then saw my lovely floral top. When I put it on it felt right. It was still very flattering with all the gathering at the bust, the asymmetrical hem and the soft gathering. I actually decided the it had a bit of a peplum feel to it. I popped on a new pair of wedge heels ( I so love them, so watch out for a post this week just about my recent shoe obsession!!)

I actually felt really lovely in this outfit. My Husband agreed that I looked great, although he did warm me not to do too much bending over in the skirt! Ha! He is not used to me wearing anything above my knees either!

When I cast a critical eye over my photos I would say that I really don;t know why I cover my arms so much. Yes, they are wide, but they are also smooth and blemish free. You can't really see the silvery stretch marks on the underside. I suspect I may be more daring this summer and not always wear a cardigan over my tops! 

What are your fashion rules? Why don;t you try breaking them sometimes? You may be surprised and quite like it!

While your at it, check out these other rule breakers!


  1. You look FIERCE

  2. Wow you look great and that top is amazing! Have not heard of that brand before? x

    1. I bought it from a Brandsmart warehouse. I love it so much I have tried googling the brand to find more but with no success. Lucky I bought the same top in a different pattern/colour (A black & grey one.

  3. Yes ditch that cardi this summer. No reason to hide those arms. I agree, a wide strap is more flattering than a spaghetti strap. I had to convince the people I bought my gown from to alter the spag strap to a 1 inch wide strap. They really didn't want to do it. But I was determined, as I knew it would look better. Great outfit, it does work and you look awesome.

  4. You look totally amazing. I too often feel I need to hide my arms, but like you I am getting braver about showing them off!

    The colour combos here are really lovely, I am really liking this whole outfit. :)

  5. You look amazing and I love that you put your critical eye over the photos and realise that you can show your arms, because afterall, you can!

  6. I think you look really amazing! I agree that you have great arms and you shouldn't be afraid to wear sleevless tops, they look great on you!

  7. the colours in your top are lovely and I'm also a wedge shoe girl in summer. I love the height they give while still being easy to walk around in. I'm not a fan of my arms but I'm always inspired by others who rock the sleeveless look...just like you xx

  8. Gorgeous and already my pick of the week on my Facebook Page! Love this, love it. And I think you're right, there is absolutely no reason to cover your arms. Go you!

  9. You look so cool, so fresh, stylish and stunning ... if it feels good then do it ;~) well done !

  10. Thank you ladies! Your comments mean a lot to me :D

  11. I really really love this outfit! I think you look amazing in it. I think can def ditch the cardi if you want this summer, you have great arms! I am so in love with that top, it's fab!

  12. You look so cute! Such a great spring look!

  13. Love those bright summer florals on you!
    I'm really sick of people doing the whole "oh, maybe you need a cardigan with that' when I go shopping. I decided that I will show my arms, even if people find it gross! I'd rather be comfortable and cool!

  14. You should defs go above the knee more often girl! You look so great! I am with you in the same way that I wear what I want but I make sure it flatters my shape!! I also cover up my arms ALWAYS lol. you've inspired me to leave the sleeves alone sometime soon so GO YOU!! :)

    Siki-Lou x


  15. wow! both your outfits are so gorgeous! I love the breaking the rules' has given you both a really gorgeous young twist on your outfits! xx

  16. You look fantastic. I think you should wear this all the time!
    Luv Jac@CommonChaosChronicle xox

  17. I have 100% in love with that top!!!!!