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Friday, 12 October 2012

A Revelation

Starting this blog has been a revelation for both of us. Being 'big girls' we have often had times when we felt unattractive. I know that all women feel this, but I think when you are plus size it is heightened. Trying on new clothing hasn't always been a positive experience. It has always been crushing when you try on clothing after clothing to find nothing that fits. Going into shops to discover they have nothing available in your size. Walking past more than half the shops in a shopping centre because there is no point in entering it.Clothing that is badly cut, with no consideration of a plus sized figure. Even when it is marked as 'your size'.

 I always have a real problem with arms. Seriously, it seems that sometimes they forget to up size the arms from a size 10 to 18. Many times I have attempted to try on a top that looks like it would fit perfectly. Except I couldn't get my arms through the holes. Or worse, I DO squeeze my arms through the holes, but they are so tight the circulation gets cut off. I then have an 'episode' in the change-room as I attempt to get my arms back out. Head covered by the top, I start to tug it off. Only to find my arms are firmly wedged in the holes. More tugging occurs, with the top still around my head. I start to get claustrophobic and hyperventilate. I have to pull the top back over my head to take in some fresh air before I re-start operation 'get the bloody thing off' again. Thankfully the top eventually comes off. The worst part though is I am left feeling humiliated and filled with self loathing. I especially feel angry that the retailer didn't consider the fact that a woman that is a size 16+ may be so all over, including the friggen arms.

Recently much of this is starting to change. Many retailers are seeing the market for plus size women in Australia. Finally my sister and I, and many other plus sized women, are able to find well cut beautiful clothing THAT FITS. It's still not perfect, there is still a long way to go. However it is a start. Starting this blog has linked us up to many other plus sized blogs. Through them we are becoming exposed to other brands, styles and outfits that we otherwise wouldn't have known. We are becoming inspired by the other beautiful curvy ladies, seeing that plus size does not have to mean unfashionable. In fact, in some cases it can mean fashion forward. Most of all, we have started to feel good about ourselves. We often say to each other 'Did you read that comment about how nice we looked?' and 'That person said she liked my outfit'. We are starting to see ourselves in a new light. We are starting to feel attractive. We are taking care in our appearance. Most of all we are liking what we see. We still may want to be thinner. We still may hunger to be a few sizes smaller. However, we are also starting to love ourselves more. Maybe one day we will be thinner, but right now we are learning to love the bodies that we are in.

 It has been a revelation, and we are loving it.


  1. This is a Lovely post, I find it so hard to look at myself in the mirror or in photos. I have always said when I'm skinnier I'll buy nice clothes etc...... I have really enjoyed the Aussie curves posts and look forward to the new week. Good on you for being brave and participating. Leisa Flanigan :)

  2. Thank you for your post ( greetings from spain ). Asun