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Monday, 9 December 2013

Introducing Marcus Fortunato

I have been somewhat MIA on the blog lately. I haven't participated in an Aussie Curves challenge for a while, or done any other blogging. I was preoccupied you see... I gave birth and have been enjoying every moment of my new baby.

I found it difficult to participate in any of the AC challenges at the end of my pregnancy. Mainly because my belly became HUGE and I lived in a few maternity dresses, a pair of maternity shorts and large tunic tops. Which did not fit well with any of the challenges!

The reason why I was unable to fit into most of my wardrobe was definitely revealed on the 15th November when my Son entered the world.

I was induced at 8:30am and labour started shortly after. I had a speedy labour, with Marcus arriving at 12:08pm. He weighed in at a whopping 4.3kg (9.8 pounds), which was nearly double his Sister's weight when born!

I have been in a state of bliss since. He is a beautiful, content baby. He loves to be cuddled, and sleeps really well. Perhaps the greatest blessing has been seeing how loved he is by Abigail. She adores him, completely. She loves nothing more than cuddling him, and kissing his forehead, with her curls always tickling his face.

I have so much I want to share such as

- My struggles with breastfeeding and the decision to formula feed
- A full birth story
- How we prepared Abigail for our new arrival
- What craft activities we have been doing (aka entertain the toddler)
- What Christmas treats we will be making (and a few recipes)

So I am going to try to make time to write up a few more posts. In the meantime, i'm just going to keep soakng up this beautiful boy, and keep enjoying every minute of holding my precious new born, as time flies by so quickly!

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  1. Gorgeous. So excited to see this post after your announcement on the facebook page back in November. Enjoy this time with your precious little guy.