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Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas 2013

My all time favourite time of year is Christmas. I have always LOVED the magic that surrounds the 'silly season'. I really love everything about it. I adore the decorations, and always put my tree up on the 1st of December, or the weekend before it.

 I love researching every gift and selecting the perfect one for each person. 

Now I have Children, Christmas has become extra special. I love, love, love the mythology that surrounds Santa. I have had personalised Santa sacks made for them. On Christmas eve they get put on their bedroom door handle just before they go to bed. A special key is hung on the front door to ensure Santa can find his way inside.

We carefully select the snacks for Santa  and the reindeer and leave them out so they don't leave hungry.
The excitement of Christmas morning was tangible this year, with Abigail (who is nearly 3) really understanding what was happening.

Marcus... not so much! But nevermind, his Sister 'helped' him open his pressies.

Christmas morning breakfast is a special moment for us to eat together before we are joined by our extended family. We keep it pretty light, as we know there will be plenty of food to be had during the day. 
This year we enjoyed 'Overnight French Toast' (Recipe  to come!) and fresh fruit.

I adore Christmas food, baking special treats that I only make a Christmas, and I take an active part in planning the Christmas day spread, no matter who is hosting it. This year we hosted Christmas at our place, and had my In Laws over.  We had agreed that there would be no pre-lunch nibbles, so we had room for our  beautiful lunch. Lunch was a mostly healthy affair, with different salads and cold meat. Dessert was much more decadent, with an array of slices, fruit, pudding & cheesecake.

It was a beautiful, relaxing Christmas Day surrounded by loving family. Made extra special because it was this Little Man's first!

We backed it up the next day, with a celebration with my side of the family. This one was hosted at my parents place, and we had the most amazing seafood spread. So amazing that I didn't take any photos!!

Christmas this year was one of the best I have had, surrounded by family and friends, and filled with love and laughter. What more could you ask for?

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