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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Aussie Curves - Pink

It's pink week!. I really quite like the colour pink, but find I lean more towards magenta pink rather than hot or light pink. The hard part about wearing pink as an adult is making sure it looks grown up, rather than 'stuck in your childhood'. I also think yo need to find the right shade to work for you. Baby pink goes nothing for my colouring, often making me look more yellow toned, and double the size. I prefer richer toned pinks, especially as my hair is a darker colour.

Singlet (not seen) - Big W Maternity
White tunic top - Katies
Skinny Leg maternity Jeans - Target
Suede Wedge boots - Target
Scarf - Big W
Belt - ASOS

The weather has been miserable the last week or so. I decided to layer up n this week's outfit. We were heading out for a high tea to celebrate my Sister's birthday. I wanted something pretty but warm. I pulled it in with the belt, as is gave me a better shiluette. I find I perfer to do up my belt under the cardigan, but either way will work.

The photo quality isn't the best. I am experimenting with taking photos using my iphone, but need to have a look for more apps that will help me get a better picture quality. I took advantage of the fact we have an empty room at the moment, as the room I am using is the soon to be 'Big Girl' room for my daughter. You can see signs of the panting being done in the background.

I felt so comfortable in this outfit. It is modeled on an outfit I put together on my maternity style boards in this post.

Cardigan. Tick. Scarf. Tick. Skinny Jeans. Tick. Singlet. Tick. Tunic top. Tick.

I warn you that you may see the skinny leg black maternity jeans feature in quite a few posts. As well as my black suede wedge boots. That's the thing with a maternity wardrobe, you have to make a few pieces work in multiple ways.

I'd love to know of any great photo taking apps. Many of my photos seem a little grainy. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve this?

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  1. Looking fab, the darker pinks are really pretty on you :)
    I love that you belted the scarf like a top, makes it so versatile

  2. I've never seen a belted scarf before! Thanks for an interesting tip!

    1. I saw a friends sister doing i! She is a super tiny Filipino girl, and had a straight black dress with the scarf and belt. I loved how it looked, and decided that just because she's tiny doesn't mean it wouldn't work for me too!!

  3. You look great - the colours are good with your skintone

  4. These colours were MADE for you! Beautiful. Loving the jeans and wedges, awesome!

    1. Thanks! They are such a rich pink tone.

  5. That's a fantastic look and you're totally gorgeous! Great use of the scarf.

    1. Thank you! I am finding scarves are m must have accessory atm!