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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Aussie Curves - Metallic

I have been on a pinterest style-pinning frenzy lately. Being a part of Aussie Curves had really made me start assessing my wardrobe more. I am finding that I want less items, but better quality. Yet I am still on a budget. To me spending $80 on a pair of pants is extravagant. If I am going a wedding I will look for an 'expensive' dress, yet to me this means $100 - $200. This means that I am starting to think vary carefully about what is in my wardrobe, what items I want, and what they will work with. I am looking at what I think will look good on me, but I am also looking at quality. I am trying to buy LESS items, but allowing for those items to cost a bit more if they are worth it.

In today's AC post I am wearing my skinny leg maternity jeans, a purchase that was inspired by what I saw I loved about what others were wearing. They are quite comfortable, although like all maternity jeans they do fall down a bit in the crotch as I wear them, and need to be hoisted up now and then.

I don't have any metallic fabric, as I rarely find it flattering on me. It always seems to cling to the bits I don't want it to! I had a good idea of what I wanted to wear though, based on things I have seen recently on pinterest. I wanted my skinny jeans, a baggy, loose fitting jumper and bold jewelry.

 Jeans - Maternity Target
Boots- Target
Jumper - Katies 
Long sleeve top - Big W Maternity
Headband - Unknown (very old!)
Necklace, Bangle, Earrings - Big W 
Bag - Etsy

 I decided to put a bit of effort into my makeup. I am trying to find what works for me. Especially for photos as I find my eyes always look so small and squinty! For this look I kept it simple and went for thick black lashes, metallic gold eyeshadow and red lips.

I was trying to find a gold clutch but found this Little Women bag instead and decided to go with it! I purchased it a few years ago on Etsy. It is actually an entirely impractical bag, and will fall apart at any moment, but I have a soft spot for Little Women so had to have it!

The jewelry I was also happy to find. Big W often sell off their range for $3, and there are often good basic items in fashionable colours available. I went for a matching necklace and bangle.

My jumper actually has flecks of metallic threads through it, but you cant really see in in the photos.

I would have loved to have had a pair of shoes that had a gold toe or heel, but I work with what I have, and these wedge heels have become a bit of a wardrobe staple at the moment!

Do you follow any great plus size style boards on Pinterest? I'd love it if you share them below! Perhaps you want to share your own. I'd love to have a look


  1. Your makeup looks so pretty! I need to do the same thing with my closet and try to have better quality items!

    1. Thanks! I am really working on my makeup and am having a bit of a look 'overhaul'. I definately am noticing how much nicer the cut, fabric and longevity of some of my more expensive items.

  2. Your makeup is gourgeous!! The close-up pic with your eyes almost closed is beautiful.

  3. oh i love little woman too! it makes me cry everytime! you look stunning!

  4. you look gorgeous! love the make up :)

  5. Love this look. A sloppy jumper and skinny jeans are such a go to look for me at the moment. You look fab.

  6. Looking lovely! Your jewellery is perfect.

  7. Loving the makeup, especially the lippy.

    I love pinterst and can be lost there for hours. I have 2 boards you might want to check out.

    1. Make dressing easy (it's full of style tips),
    2. Beautifully Confident (outfit style inspiration).


  8. You hair and make up look so good!! you look wonderful!

  9. Love that bag - such a cute touch x

  10. It just doesn't get more classic than all black.. you look great! I have also been eyeing off the book bags for ages.. I love that you got "Little Women!".

    I have a pinterest where I post plus size fashion and other things..

  11. Gorgeous! Those boots are fabulous as well!