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Friday, 4 July 2014

Play Dough Mat Round Up

MY Daughter LOVES playing with Play Dough. Every morning she will ask if she can play with her play dough.

What I love is how versatile it can be. You can do so many activities with play dough. Gather some googly eyes and  pipe cleaners and you can make 'Monsters'. Collect some cookie cutters and some plastic plates and you can 'bake cookies' and have a tea party.

I also love the way you can make play time turn into a great learning opportunity.

One brilliant idea I have come across are Play Dough mats. These are activities you can print out and laminate or put in a plastic sleeve. It acts as a prompt for the child to use the play dough to create pictures, learn shapes, colours and so on. It is a cheap, simple way to extend play time into learning. You could have a bunch of these printed and ready for a rainy day, or when you need your little one to keep busy while you do some chores.

Try these fun People Play Dough mats
Maybe your child loves Dinosaurs?
or are you are reading Cat in The Hat? You can learn maths at the same time!
There are some fun Easter mats
You can listen to the free songs on this site while you play
You can also learn Shapes and the Alphabet
There is this great collection that would be good for under 3 year olds
Or this nature inspired one

This idea is so simple you could easily make your own.

The verdict? My Daughter loved the set I printed for her. It has been a great way to encourage her in doing some solo play, but also is a good way for me to sit down with her and do some fun, simple learning activities.

Have you come across any great Play Dough ideas? Share in the comments below!

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