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Friday, 11 July 2014

Mummy Moments

These are the moments I never want to forget. The good, but also the bad.

Miss A is currently interested in 'Aborrigbanals' aka 'Aboriginals'. She was learning about our Indigenous people because it was NAIDOC week. She told me all about what she had learnt. She was especially impressed to learn that 'they make paint from ROCKS Mum'. We decided we would experiment at home and make some paint from things we found in the backyard. We found the leaves we had didn't crush up well. We found that depending on where in he garden we took dirt, it was a different shade of brown/black/grey. I watched as she painted with her dirt, carefully dipping in her paintbrush. She suddenly remembered about the rocks. At first I was going to explain that we didn't have the right rocks, that ours were too hard. Instead, I let her try. She gathered some rocks in a bowl but couldn't crush them. She decided to add water. She stirred them up, dipped in her paintbrush and tried to paint. 'There's no colour Mum!'. I asked her why she thought that was 'They're too hard, they not melting'.

I loved watching her learn, explore, experiment. I learnt to sit back, let her work things out for herself.

She teaches me as much as I teach her

*                        *                          *                         * 

Mr M is trying to stand. He is still only 8 months old. I can see him watch us as we walk around. He wants to join us. He wants to get up and go like we do. I see him looking at his feet as he tries to will them to push him upwards. 

He has so much determination. 

*                        *                          *                         * 

Miss A was overexcited after a special outing with her Nanna ans Cousin. She decided to run ahead of us while I was pushing her Brother in the pram. I called out to her to stop. Casually at first, then with more panic as she kept going. She was heading towards a pedestrian crossing that runs through the middle of our local Shopping Centre. I started to run after her. She ran faster. I managed to catch up and grab onto her, pulling her in close. She was laughing, unaware of my terror. A car went right through the crossing, never slowing down, just as I pulled her away. 

I scolded her, my heart in my throat.

Then I hugged her tight. 

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