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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Aussie Curves - Blue

I didn't get to join in on last week's Aussie Curves challenge. Mainly because I wanted to share this great jacket, but my Sister had borrowed it and I was awaiting it's return.

I was getting dressed to go out and remembered that it was Blue week. I had a dig looking for something blue and I spied this top. I really like the top. I purchased it at the markets when a bunch of fellow AC girls decided to head to the rotary market to sell their clothing. I think I spent more than half the profit I made from selling my clothing!

I was heavily pregnant at the time, but this top fitted like a dream. I have even used it as a swimmer cover up. I was concerned it would be too baggy to wear post- baby.

Happily, it has still worked quite well cinched in with a belt. I like that the blue in this top is subtle, and it challenges the idea that navy and black can't be worn together.It was a freezing cold day so I had to layer up with a 3/4 shirt and a jacket. I added an old navy scarf for warmth but also to bring out the blue in the top more.

The jacket was a great find at Big W. I loved it so much, I got it full price! That's a big deal for my inner tightass! I generally wait for a sale to buy things I like, however I was concerned this would be snapped up, and it was quite cheap to start with anyway.

What I LOVED about it was that it was pleather, but under the arms it was a thick Scuba stretch material. Any Woman who has chubby upper arms can relate about what a great idea this is. Pleather (and leather) is not overly forgiving with stretch. I find it difficult to wear because there is not enough movement, and often I find most jackets too tight in the arms. I DID actually find this jacket was tight in the arms, but that was because of the non stretch satin lining. Does this really irk anyone else? I will NEVER understand why great, stretchy pices are then lined with cheap, on stretchy satin!!!

I refused to be deterred. I bought the jacket, then went at the lining with a seam ripper! Voila! A jacket that was a perfect fit, and thanks to the stretch I could also layer up and still be able to move my arms.

This was such a comfortable outfit, and my Sister remarked a few times about how great it looked.

Tell me, have you ever done a 'cloting hack' to make an item work? What did you do?


  1. A great layered outfit lady! The jacket is all kind of wonderful, sucks you had to wait for it to come back, BUT I bet it's cool to be able to share clothes with your sister. I wish I could share with mine. She has some killer style. Darn her being short and half my size. ;)

  2. It is wonderful. When she went away I went to her house and raided her wardrobe lol Nothing like getting a new outfit for free, even if it is brief. There are downfalls though. Sadly, I am still awaiting the return of a pair of boots that were loaned last year. One has been found, but the other is MIA. I am threatening to hold something to ransom until it returns.

  3. Love the top - so flattering and easy to wear.

  4. ahh yes, the old rip the lining out trick. I've done that with jackets a couple of times. I love you blue top too. :D

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