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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Aussie Curves - Boho

I decided to try something a little different this week for the Boho theme. There are times when my wardrobe definitely leans towards Boho. I just love exotic patterns, bright colours, chunky necklaces, earrings and multiple bangles.

I attribute part of my love for Boho to my youth. Being a plus sized teen was difficult, as when i was growing up there was very little above  size 14 - 16 for my age group. I leaned on the items I could find from Tree of Life, with it's flowing silhouettes and one size fits all.

I have a few pieces I could have chosen to wear, but i decided to do something a little eclectic, which to be is exactly in the spirit of the bohemian.

There was a time when I wore a vast array of those layered skirts that are made from Indian fabric. These skirts are often sold in little booths in shopping centers and come with a dvd that show you the many different ways you can wear them. I never had much luck with turning my skirts into a dress or any of the other designs. I wore one of these skirts during the AC Celebrity Copycat week ( I was channeling my inner Asher Keddie aka Nina Proudman)

However, i had a sudden thought that I could possibly wear the skirt like a kaftan!

 Jeans - Autograph
'Kaftan/skirt'- Unnamed brand
Shoes - Kmart
Accessorises - Unknown (Most of them are really old!)

While this look certainly isn't the most 'flattering', it is colourful and comfortable.

I played around with the skirt a bit and found I could wear it a few different ways. One way was to simply drape over my shoulders and tie the skirt string around my back. Another way was to bring forward the purple layer and crisscross it across my front, securing it with a belt. This made it look like a full kaftan. The last look I gathered the second layer to the front and let it drape a bit like a scarf, but i conched it in with a belt again to give a bit more shape.

I accessorised with bangles a big pair of dangly earrings, although I wish I had some big gold ones. I  really need to update my makeup supplies. I am a bit dissapointed with how my makeup looks here, as it looks like i'm not wearing any!!! This would be fine, except I had hoped to do a heavier make up look, but was limited by my supplies. Note to self: Get some darker lipstick!

I think this is a look i'd really like to play around with. I might try it again with one of the shorter skirts I have. Seeing as i'm pregnant I think this look plays up the bump rather nicely, and can see it looking even better once my bump gets bigger and firmer.

Tell me, what do you think? Does this look work? Should I wear it out in public? I'dd love to know other people's opinions.

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  1. Well done. It's always fun to play with different looks and I think you pulled it off especially the belted in dress look

  2. This is a really cool look!

  3. I really like it open but belted, looks really cute with your baby bump :)

  4. This post is so cool! I love the different looks you've achieved! I'm also loving the bunting background of your blog.

  5. I love it! The colours in the kaftan are amazing and so good on you! And your white t-shirt brings out the white pattern in the kaftan.

  6. I actually really love it open with the belt. Great print and an awesome addition to any wardrobe, for sure. You look great.

  7. I LOVE that kaftan, especially belted! What a fabulous green. Great styling!


  8. I think it looks completly faaaaab as a top!

  9. I love all your looks- such pretty skirts and you look great in them! :-)

  10. I think it works well all ways but my favorite is the open and belted look. I like how the white tee just breaks it up a bit.