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Friday, 9 November 2012

Budget Plus Size clothing - Millers

I think for most of us, when we think of Millers we think of elasticated pants and matching floral pantsuits. We certainly would not always consider that it could be a place where you can find fashionable plus size clothing.

Lately though i have been finding my eye catch on some of their displays as I go past, and browsing through the racks. In the last year I have purchased some really great items from there, in particular some wonderful  coats during winter.

Millers clothing goes up to a size 22, although not on all items. I do find some of their items a bit hit and miss. Not everything fits right, and the quality varies. Although, much can be said for most items from many retailers. What you can count on if everything being very affordable. They frequently have sales where everything is less that $15. At the moment tops are $20 and pants are $15. I mean really, where else can you get an outfit for less than $40?

I recently purchased this top (although mine is sleeveless), It has a beautiful cowl neckline and is made from a sthick stretch fabric. I love it and wear it to work often.

I also bought a stunning one piece strapless costume, while I was pregnant, from Millers. The quality was actually far better than anything I found at Target and other retailers. It was fully lined, and even had padding in the bust. It also had a wonderful pattern with ruching along the side. Here I am wearing it for a belly shot

Lets take a look at some of my favourite picks from this season.


Round Neck Curved Hem Stripe Top, Stud detail shirt, Flutter sleeve top, Kaftan top, Geo print tunic

Colourful isn't it? It certainly does not look like the granny fashion were used to. You could easily be mistaken into thinking that the above pictures were from a City Chic or Autograph catalouge.

I do believe in trying to wear quality items and not buying 'junk' clothing. However, the reality is that I also am aware of how much I spend on clothing. I can not always afford to spend $50 or more on one item of clothing. In fact, the thought of spending $50 on a top make me feel a little queasy. I do think you need to look at the individual item and weigh up the quality and cost. As I said before, some of Millers items are a bit  'miss' quality wise, but on the other hand, there are plenty of 'hit' to be had too!

Next time you are at the shops make sure you duck into Millers and have a look. You may be surprised!

Have you found some unexpected buys from a shop you wouldn't usually shop at? I'd love to hear about it. Comment below! 

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