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Sunday, 1 June 2014

An unexpected hiatus

I took an unexpected hiatus from the blog.

It wasn't planned, I just stopped writing. Being a Mum took it's toll. Juggling everything became difficult.

Mostly though, I felt a bit stuck. My blog design was inhibiting the new direction I wanted to go in. If I share something I want it to be easy to find by others.

I needed time to work out what I wanted to do, and I started learning how to go about changing my blog design.

So, here it is. My new blog design. I have added some new tabs, where hopefully it will be easier to find things. It also shows you what I plan on sharing. I love so many things, and so often I think of things I want to share, but have not known where to put it.

SO here are some of the things I plan on blogging about

- New recipes - I have done this all along, but hopefully it will be easier to find. Plus I have joined the Thermomix craze so be prepared for some Thermie friendly recipes

- Home Design - Now, I am by no means a designer. However I have a tonne of ideas of renovations I would like to make to my home. I may as well share them because they may just inspire others

- Kids craft and activities - I do weekly craft with my Daughter. Anything to keep her entertained.

- My life - I want to start recording moments of my lie and my kids. This blog is like an archive for me, so expect to see more about my triumphs and trials as a Mum.

I will still keep going with Aussie Curves. I had a bit of a hiatus from there recently too so I am going to try to participate more.

Thank You for sticking around. I am hoping to become much more active on this here blog xx

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