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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Berry and Lemon Sangria

New Years just isn't quite the same once you have children.

We have found the last few years New Years has been very low key, often spent at home with a plate of antipasto, and a quick kiss before we head to bed at midnight. In fact, most times we snooze before midnight and only wake just in time to watch some fireworks on T.V.

This year, we went to my Brother In Law's place, which is only one block away from our home. This meant we were able to load the kids up into the pram and walk over. This also meant we both could indulge in a few drinks, providing we could still walk (stagger) home later on.

I decided to make some Sangria to share with everyone. I had a look through my cupboards and came up with a berry and lemon flavoured Sangria. I have learnt that the main elements of a Sangria just needs to be wine, juice, soda and fruit. Sometimes it also has some brandy or Cointreau added. I had plenty of red wine in our cupboard. We are not bit wine drinkers, and only really drink very sweet wine such as Moscato. However, we are often given bottles of red wine as gifts. Which means I have a cupboard full of red wine that we will never drink. So making a Sangria was going to be a useful way of using up some of that wine. I also had a homemade jar of Lemoncello. I fell in love with that sweet liqueur while in Italy, and I discovered it was very easy to make! I decided to replace Brandy with my Lemoncello, and use a bottle of Apple Blackcurrant juice I had in the cupboard. Then I just added lemonade, frozen berries and lemon slices, and my Sangria was ready! Yummo!

1 bottle Red Wine
1 1/2 bottle Apple Blackcurrent Juice
1/2 cup Lemoncello
1 bottle Lemonade
1 Cup Frozen Berries
1 Lemon, Thinly Sliced

All the drinks into your punchbowl/Jug/Drink dispenser and give a stir to mix.
Add in the berries and sliced lemon
Serve poured over Ice with some of the fruit

If using a beverage dispenser you could have some chopped fruit in a bowl next to the Sangria, so people can add some fruit to their drink. Alternatively, you could also freeze some fruit into ice cubes and have that on the side.


  1. Ooohhh this sounds great! I'm going to give it a whirl- thanks! xx

  2. You must! Sadly (or not) everyone else had their own drinks on the night... so I drank half of it myself. I then took it home, popped it in my fridge and drank it for another 2 days. Then I figured it was best to throw out the rest.. sigh..