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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Aussie Curves - Breaking the Rules

Rules are made to be broken, right?

 I was unsure at first which rule to break, because as I have participated in Aussie Curves most of the 'rules' I used to have i've already broken. I now happily wear sleeveless tops, I purchased my first pair of shorts just before Christmas, I wear whatever colour and pattern combination I like, and I think we have well and truly shown that plus size ladies CAN wear stripes.

 So, what rule do I have left to break? For myself it is more about self imposed rules, especially what shops NOT to shop in. One shop I avoid shopping in is Supre. After all, we all know it's only for skinny girls right?

Dress (Worn underneath) - Supre
Kaftan Top - Supre
Sandals - Target
Bangles - Diva/Lovia/Equip
Belt - Kmart
Earrings - Upcycled from an old necklace


I have been hunting for a while for a tight, bodycon black dress. I had the idea that it could be a very versatile item, as it could be worn as a slip, as a skirt, and just generally be layered up to create different looks.

I had popped into Supre because I had seen some amazing Kimono shrugs there, and knew they would fit me. I was correct, and I picked up a very generous shrug in a XS. While I was in there I spotted some stretchy dresses. I decided to take a gamble and try one on.

Sure enough, it fit. The dress is VERY clingy, and I would not actually wear it as a dress because it is too tight on my tummy. However, it does work as a great slip that smoothes me out nicely.

I tried on a flowy kaftan top with it and that also looked really good.

So for the first time in YEARS I walked out of Supre with a few purchases.

I wore this outfit to a friends 30th at a hotel pub on in the Northern Beaches. I knew it would be the perfect mix of summery, casual and comfortable. I used the belt to cinch the kaftan in a bit to give me a bit more shape. Instead of putting it over the top, I actually ran the belt through the inside of the top, and bought it out through the extra wide sleeves to cinch it in. It meat the top was still flowy at the back, but gave me definition at the front.

I am very excited about the dress. I have already tried it on with several other items in my wardrobe and can see it becoming a bit of a wardrobe staple. My only complaint would be that I find it moves up when walking, so it sits just above my knee. All tight, straight skirts do this to me though, so it is not too big of a deal.

I will be featuring this dress in next week's theme of ' Double Take' so stay tuned! I have quite a few ideas of ways i'd like to style the dress and can't wait to share them with you.

Rules are made to be broken, what 'rule have you broken lately? Check out the 'rules' the other AC ladies are breaking this week. Rebellious bunch we are!


  1. Love it. You looks fantastic.
    I just recently went into Temt (a shop with clothes I *KNOW* wont fit me) and bought 2 different tops. We definitely need to break our own rules sometimes.

    1. You just never know what you will find!

  2. Yes! Absolutely. I think trying something on, looking outside the box is so important. You really do never know what you will find. And THAT black dress is going to be great in your wardrobe. Enjoy finding a million and one combinations!

    1. I have already worn it a few times now. I need to take photos!

  3. I agree Janna, I avoided Supre not because of size but for me it's more an "age" thing. I did venture in after your recommendation. Your outfit looks great!

    1. Yeah, me too. I think I am too old for most of it, but every now and then you never know.

  4. I used to feel the same about Supre (& valley girl, temt, dotti...) but you never know unless you try!
    great outfit, you look gorgeous x