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Saturday, 14 September 2013

$50 outfit - Aussie Curves

I think putting together a $50 outfit is a great idea. It shows you can look great for not much $$

However, I am only just scraping g in with this weeks post. I wore a few $50 outfits through the week, but me never managed to take a photo! I was determined this morning though, so I got dressed and made Hubby snap some shots before we went shopping.

I experimented with curling my hair too. I have never had much success, but I watched a few you tube videos, and went in armed with a comb and some clips for my hair. I pretty happy with how it turned out! 

Dress- Best & Less - $18
Jacket - Autograph - $20
Shoes- Target - $7
Necklace - Old & Fixed $0

This outfit is so bright and cheerful. A refreshing change from the darker shades of winter. 

The dress is from Best & Less current season. It doesn't look like much on the hanger, but on it is perfect. Soft stretch jersey fabric, rushing at the bust and under bust. The colours are beautiful. Even better, this is a dress that will see me through the remaining 10 weeks of this pregnancy, as the weather heats up.

The jacket you have seen. The best Autograph bargain yet at $20. with amazi g cut and button detailing. It is just perfect and I find I am preferring to pop on a denim jacket rather than a cardigan. The shoes are $7 from target. They have a huge range of colours and styles for $7 My feet swell a bit I. Summer, and I seem to have gone up half a size in pregnancy. I a unsure it this will remain, so I wanted some cheap shoes to see me through. For $7 I couldn't resist and bought 5 pairs!!!

The necklace is an old one, but I remember it being less than $10. I. Fact, I a, almost considering g this free, because it actually broke Nd I had it on the throw away pile. However I love the colour, so I found a leather string for another broken necklace and retired it. Tadaa!!


  1. You look gorgeous! I LOVE this jacket, lucky you for snapping it up for $20. Bargain.

  2. Janna you look amazing, 30 weeks pregnant and all. Great job curling your hair too, it turned out really good.