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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Aussie Curves - Timesaver

This week's theme on Aussie Curves is all about time saving tips. We all lead such busy lives that we can fall into rushing with our appearance and feeling like we don't have time to put together an outfit. I know I sometimes feel this way. In fact, lately I have felt so time poor that I stopped blogging altogether. I just kept forgetting to put the posts that I created in my head onto 'paper'. I also felt like I had lost my inspiration. I wasn't 'feeling' my clothing and didn't feel like I had anything to contribute to the challenges.

With that in mind, this weeks theme of 'timesaver' is really fitting. I am trying to find my groove again and having a few time saving tips will definately help. So here are my top tips for how to look and feel good, even when time poor

1) Know your 'go to' outfits

It is really handy to have an outfit that you know you can throw on and look good, no mater what. These usually involve a few basic pieces, that you can then throw on some accessories and run out the door.

For me I have one for Summer and one for Winter.


Maxi dress
Flats or sandals
A crop denim jacket/cardigan

This outfit is so simple. A maxi dress is so easy to throw on. It covers your legs, so it's great if you are in between shaves/waxing ;). They are also so simple to accessorise.  Whack on a necklace (You can't go wrong with a simple silver one) and maybe a bangle or some earrings and off you go!


Tunic top or knee length dress
Long cardigan

This outfit is great for winter. The same accessory rules apply as summer, a simple necklace and earrings, or if it is really cold you can pop on a scarf for added warmth and colour. or a belt for some definition.

2) Have a simple make up routine

There are some days you are either too rushed or can't be bothered to put on a full face of makeup. On these days having a simple look that you can pop on to freshen up and go is great.

I think for those days it is easiest to wear a bit of lip colour but keep your eyes simple. I just pop on a bit of colored lip gloss,usually a red or a pink,  some mascara, a bit of blush and off I go.

If my skin is looking really healthy I might be able to forego any foundation and concealer.
However, I tend to have darker circles under my eyes. It's hereditary, so I find I often do need a bit of concealer otherwise I just look tired! If I am lazy though I pop on my under eye concealer and some BB cream.

3) Dry Shampoo!

I have hair that tends to get oily roots after the second day, but the rest of my hair is fine. I recently tried a sample of a dry hair shampoo spray, and I haven;t looked back. It works so well, even on my darker hair. You just spray onto the roots, then run your fingers through your hair. It takes away the oily roots, making your hair look clean. I do find it is better to then put my hair up, rather than leave it out and I will usually put it into a high ponytail, or a low bun.

4) Plan your clothing the night before

I often do this for work, or if I know i have a special event to attend the next day. I found since having my daughter that time can run out very quickly when you are trying to pack up a child, get a bag ready and dress them on top of getting yourself ready. The last thing you need is to then run around trying to find what you want to wear for the day.

I will often choose an outfit the night before and lay it all out on a chair we have in our room, or hang it off the linen press door handle. I will ensure that I have everything I need, right down to the underwear and jewellery. It makes me feel put together, and means I don't have to rush around the house trying to find that elusive shoe!

What is your ultimate time saving tip for getting ready on those days when time seems to be running out?

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  1. Nice time savers. I also have a 'go to' outfit for both seasons. And dresses are just so simple arent they.

  2. Great tips! I especially relate to your tip about make-up and wearing a bright lip colour instead of spending time on your eye make-up which takes a a lot longer once you add up mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner. Also just bought a dry shampoo which I love!

  3. Ooh, I love your Winter go-to outfit! I might have to go and find a frock and boots like that!

  4. Very too, a quick makeup routine can take of heaps of time!! x

  5. Great tips! I have a standard look. A simple hair, makeup, outfit look that takes me from zero to done in minutes. It's the best.

  6. ahh dry shampoo is the best tip!! looking good!