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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Aussie Curves - Green!

Many people often do not notice that my eyes are, in fact, green. Hazel green to be exact. Well.. to be really precise I would call them a khaki green.

One of the few photos I have that actually show my eye colour. Damn my hooded eyes!

It actually perturbs me a little when someone I have known for a while suddenly exclaims ' Oh! You have green eyes!' (you would not believe just how often this happens) as I wonder how often it is that they really 'saw' me, and looked me in the eyes while speaking. One of the reasons that I fell hopelessly in love with my Husband from our first meeting was that he noticed right away the colour of my eyes and commented on them. I knew that it meant he really saw me, and really looked at me.

I really love wearing the colour green, and do find that it brings out the green tone in my eyes.
I recently purchased a jacket from Millers in a jewel green shade. It is not the type of jacket I would usually buy, as it was a rather casual looking jacket. However I loved the colour, and had a feeling that the elasticated back would work well.

I find it difficult to find well fitting jackets, because I am short waisted, so they always seem to be too saggy in the small of my back, and then too tight over my bum. I felt this jacket would be perfect to throw on with a pair of jeans and some flats, or with a denim skirt, looking casual but polished.

Jacket - Millers
Top - Kmart
Jeans - Autograph
Shoes - Rivers
Jewelry - Diva

It was nice to jazz up such a simple, casual look with a really lovely necklace. I love the colour of the jacket, so rich and bright, and can see that it will get quite a bit of use through winter. 

Do you have a feature that people fail to notice about you? Share in the comments below! 

This post is a part of the Aussie Curves weekly blog hop. Check out what some of the other lovely curvettes are wearing in the shade of green.


  1. love the colour of that jacket. you look so relaxed and comfy in the pic...

  2. I agree, the green really does bring out your eyes

  3. My mother's eyes are hazel and people say the same thing to her all the time. OH you're eyes have green in them. WOW. Haha. People. Love the story of your now Hubby noticing straight away. Naaaaw, cute! Looking good lady, this is one cute jacket. What a find.

  4. I love the outfit! You look great! I always get told my eyes are blue when i know for a fact they are green lol Annoying hey?

  5. I love a bit of teal green. My whole bedroom is decorated with it. And with the necklace...nicely done!

  6. that's a great colour on you... you look fab. loving the bracelet too... i'm a sucker for chevrons!