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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Aussie Curves LBD!

I'm baaaacccckkkk!!

Oh dear, what a long hiatus that was! I have missed out on FAR too many weeks of Aussie Curves. It was not intentional. Life just seemed to get in the way. I am now understanding the true work and dedication that my favourite bloggers show when they are able to deliver weekly, sometimes more, posts.

I was determined to get back into the groove with my LBD! When I saw that wardrobe staple on the list I figured it would be easily done. Until I opened my wardrobe. Whilst I have many dresses that are majority black, I was amazed to realise I only owned one completely black dress. It is a lovely black lace dress that I wore to my daughter's baptism. It was perfect at the time. Soft. Stretchy, covering a multitude of post baby body sins. Yet, ad I looked at it I realised I wanted something more modern. More edgy.

Luckily for me I found the perfect dress in the post Christmas sales at City Chic. It is this skater dress, but all in black. The dress is really a dream to wear. The thick material makes fit wonderfully. The cut out design on the front and back makes it look very modern, while the length is just spot on, sitting right on my knee. Best of all? It was a very budget friendly $40.

Really, with a good black dress you can do anything. That's why they are universally loved by women around the world. I wore this outfit to a night out with my SIL's. I have not had a night out drinking cocktails in a long while. I wanted something that I felt classy and fabulous in. This outfit certainly made me feel sexy and modern. I picked up the stunning necklace for $8 at Diva, and the matching bracelet was $5. My shoes were also a bargain at $10 from Kmart. The divine clutch was a bargain buy from Sportsgirl dating back to  my university days. It is a beaded number that just makes me happy looking at it.

Dress: City CHic
Necklace & Bangle: Diva
Shoes: Kmart
Clutch: Sportsgirl

So, all up the whole look cost me $63! Which is nearly half the price that the dress itself usually retails for. BOOYAH!

I think you can expect to see a lot more of this dress. I have already seen a girl wearing a similar dress but with a fabulous twist to make it look casual that I am VERY keen to try.

UPDATED: This is Nerida's take on the LBD

This is a classic all black look but dressed up by a bright belt and a pretty headband. It really shows how simple it can be to make a black dress look a bit more special.

Dress - City Chic
Wedges - Kmart
Belt - Autograph
Headband- Diva

To see how versatile the LBD really is; check out these other wonderful posts by my fellow Aussie Curves ladies.


  1. there is nothing I don't love (and want to steal) about this outfit.

  2. Love the black and pastel... welcome back!

  3. Gorgeous! Love that necklace and adore this dress. I really need to add some skater style dresses to my wardrobe but I'm just so obsessed with the pencil skirt. Haha.

  4. Sexy Mama. Love this outfit on you and the combination of Black and pastel is very chic. Welcome back

  5. Just gorgeous! The dress is a perfect fit on you... I love CC's Skater Dresses but the fit's all wrong on me. Necklace is fab too!

  6. gah the cut of the dress AND that necklace is solid ;)

  7. Love it all. Are the wedges comfortable?

  8. They aremore comfortable thenmost heels. I did find them a touch high, but other than that they are very wearable. Definatly a better option than other high heels :)