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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Aussie Curves - Feathers!!

Feathers have been used as an adornment for women, and men, for centuries. After-all they come in a variety of magnificent colours, patterns and shapes. I think feathers add a bit of whimsy to an outfit.

This top was a sale item I purchased last year. It is actually a hi - lo tunic style, but I quite like it tucked into a skirt. I wear this top to work quite often. It is good because it has short sleeves, which means I don't feel I need to wear a cardigan with it. The skirt is also an old purchase, from a brand called Leesa. It is actually a shop that caters to older women. However, when I was in there with my Mother I found quite a few lovely items for myself. For me, this ust goes to show to look around. You will find lovely things in unexpected places. 

This skirt is a soft, silky stretch material. It has a gathered skirt, but also features deep pockets. It is a dream to wear. 

Top - Crossroads
Skirt - Leesa
Belt - Temt
Shoes - Spendless Shoes
Earring - unknown ( they are VERY old)

Nerida's outfit is really bright and colourful and looks a bit tribal. The rusty red feathered necklace is really beautiful and is the stand out piece in the outfit.

Nerida picked up the bright turquoise dress from Millers. It is a perfect summer staple as it is lightweight, stretch cotton type material. It came with the tab coloured belt. It is a dress that lends itself really well to lots of different colours and looks. So far every time she has worn it she has made it look completely different.

The shoes are mine, but they just happened to match the rusty red colour of the feathers perfectly. I was tempted to do a bag search on Nerida before she left my house because I wasn't convinced I was going to get them back!

Dress/belt - Millers
Cardigan - SES
Shoes - Rivers
Necklace - Diva

Lets have a look at what the other ladies have done this week. After-all, 'Birds of a feather flock together'

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  1. I love the tunic top as a t-shirt and such a lovely pattern. Nerida, I love, love, love aqua and red together! Great shoes too, I have picked up some gems from Rivers :)

    1. The shoes from rivers are wonderful! They go up in half sizes too!

  2. I'm in love with the colour of the Miller's dress. It just pops :)

  3. You both look so lovely this week! Love that you share your love of fashion together and share clothes.

    1. Definitely the benefit of having a sister!! Swapping clothing, shoes and accessories!

  4. oohh you both look so gorgeous and polished! I love (and want to steal!) both outfits! xx

  5. Your skirt with pockets is the best! I loooove skirts and dresses with pockets! Nerida's colour palette is on point...looking gorgeous ladies!

  6. Look both look great! Awesome take on the theme. A gorgeous top on you and that blue on Nerida is amazing. Great outfits ladies.

    And skirts with pockets? Well that's always a win in my books.

  7. You both look amazing, so so cute!

  8. Love the rusty red feathered necklace! Loving the colours of your outfit Nerida. You both look lovely.