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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Aussie Curves - Military

Military? What the heck?

That was my first thought when I saw military on the list. I was stumped. I tried to think of what I could wear. Cargo pants and I are not friends. They do nothing for my already wide thighs.

Military jacket? Years ago I owned the most DIVINE military style coat. It was a full length, latte colour, with a high neck and double breasted brass buttons. Sadly, I put on weight and can no longer squeeze my arms into it. My mother gleefully claimed it, and I must confess it looks better on her than it ever did on me. She loves it because during winter she can pop it on over anything she is wearing and pop into the shops and look chic and stylish.

I do however love the colour 'army green'. As a matter of fact, I refer to my eye colour as being 'army green'. It is the closest colour that matches the shade of green in my eyes.

Top - Avella by Big W
Skirt - Target
Boots - Williams
Hat - Sportsgirl
Necklace & Bracelet - Lovisa

After some thought I came up with this look. I think that is what is so exciting about Aussie curves challenges. They make you rethink fashion, and put together different looks. I always try to shop my wardrobe, and have never gone out and purchased anything other than accessories to fit in with a theme. It may help that I have a huge wardrobe, which no matter how often I downsize still seems to be bursting at the seams.

For this week's look I used my top as the starting point. I was going to pair it with skinny leg jeans, however it was a sunny day and I was going to wear the outfit while grocery shopping. I swapped the jeans for a denim skirt, popped on some boots, a military style cap and some some accessories. I actually really liked how the whole look came together and think it has a definite military feel to it.

Do you have a piece of clothing that you adored, but can no loner wear? What was it and why did you love it?

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  1. I was a bit stumped by military as well! You look cute, though. Love the boots x

  2. funky necklace and loving the hat! definatly feel the military vibe here! looking good!

  3. Military was a tricky one for me too!
    You've come up with Super cute outfit!
    I definitely have had items before in my wardrobe i could no longer wear, but hung onto for a while. I've been really ruthless in the last few years though with throwing things out!

  4. Loved the necklace and your stunning look!!!

  5. Boots are fab! Those colours go so well together. Looking good. xxx

  6. You're right, it's fun to consider the theme when getting dressed and try and pull something together. Great job and I love those boots!

  7. You've definitely pulled off military! Love the nautical feel of your necklace and bracelet. I used my military hat this week too ;-) You look cute in yours!